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Speedify.. a life save for me to connectting a remote site on the other side of the world ;)

Positive Review by jeffreyfrasure
about Speedify Aug 2016

I used to use a very popular VPN Services but lately, they've been very slow and a lot of their servers no long function as they once did. I remembered i had speedify and set it back up on my mac. Once i got it installed i was connected to our remote office and connected to my server. I was able to download large files again that was crawling. I also was able to watch television and surf other website at a good speed and for a plus i saw what my speed was with Speedify's application interface. Their servers are nice and fast and let me tell you, that makes a whole world of difference when you do a lot of large data xfers like i do. I definately recommend these guys as they not only work well, but they definately can carry the capacity that I need and the price was great. I definately recommend this service if you need a good connection at a solid speed and want to see results.



A Life Saver for Live Streaming

Positive Review by filippotoso
about Speedify Jul 2016

I stream a lot of webinars and Hangouts On Air to promoto my consulting firm and I always had a lot of problems due to the low upload bandwidth available in the city I live in.

When I found Speedify I didn't tought it would work so well even for low latency activity such as Facebook Live.

Now I bond 3 connection (2 ADSL and one 4G tethering on my phone) and I'm able to broadcast on Facebook and YouTube at the same time without any problem.

When Speedify was still on beta I asked for support because the software wasn't working as expected. They got back to me within a couple of hours with a perfect solution. Then they release an official update that fixed the issue one time and for all.

I upgraded last week to an unlimited account because this tool is a real life saver for anyone that need a high speed 100% up connection!


Fancy footwork for frivolous net surfers.

Positive Review by kadzooks
about Speedify Jul 2016

Living in the part of the country that has no high speed landline internet and juuuuuussst out of 4G coverage tends to annoy me when trying to watch HD in YouTube. (I was practically 1-2 blocks away from coverage)

So Speedify was a godsend when I wanted a decent speed for my High Definition viewing pleasure.

A word of warning though, Speedify is less effective as a speed booster if you have less than 3 sources for your Interwebz, a slightly costly but acceptable margin of cost in return for decent to effective speed.


p/s : Don't tell anyone but I've been using it as a proxy as well, teehee.


Wonderful 1 Helpful

Review by hopechannelitalia
about Speedify Jun 2016

I have 3 internet connections at my house: 2 DSL. + 4g
I can combine all of my internet connections to have more upload speed!
That's a good thing. It's working perfectly.
How big idea!

Ciao from Vincenzo Annunziata (Italy)
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a review about speedify

Review by osigyan
about Speedify May 2016

It's my 1st review here and want to thank speedify for the amazing service , Now i can join internet from more than 20 countries by speedify


Indispensable with my local internet

Positive Review by oweuryoiqwefjkasdn
about Speedify May 2016

I've been using Speedify since its first beta. Not sure what I'll do without it because our local internet is slow, keeps disconnecting, and expensive. I connect a DSL line or a cable internet with my 4G connection as backup. It's a blessing when I have international conference calls and need a reliable connection.


I rarely Write Reviews

Positive Review by seanlazenby
about Speedify May 2016

I saw an advertisement for Speedify on speedtest.net and because I even the hope of having a little better of an internet connection was enough to make my day. Thus it was with high hopes and low expectations I signed up for an account. And it works. I was able to combine two connections and get a stable fast, dependable connection. If you are looking for miracles move past Speedify but if you are looking for stability in your connection and a decent speed increase these are the guys.



Negative Review by gabrieldenis
about Speedify Apr 2016

Test to see if the comments section is genuine. Please ignore if you read!


Speedify review - Awesome

Positive Review by richbloss
about Speedify Mar 2016

I travel for a living, and as all road warriors know hotel wi-fi is hit or miss......mostly miss.

I'm an ardent online gamer and I also upload alot of file for work. Having a fast, stable internet connection is important to me both for work and play.

Enter Speedify. I have a reasonably fast smartphone plan with unlimited data and no throttling. I use Speedify pretty much all the time to tether my phone and use the hotel wifi for reduced latency and added stability while gaming, and for increased speed when downloading music or watching online videos.

There are plenty of servers, the app works pretty much flawlessly in the background. Most important, it does exactly what it claims to do: increases speed and reduces latency, without having to screw around with a bunch of settings in Windows.

I'm on the 50gb a month plan, which so far is plenty. The cost is very reasonable as well.

All in all, I highly recommend Speedify to anyone who lives on the road and is frustrated with hotel internet.




Positive Review by michaeldonovan
about Speedify Mar 2016

Working from the Philippines, it can be next to impossible to find fast and reliable internet connections. However, with Speedify's multiple connection bonding, I can hook up my smartphone, wired DSL connection, and wifi hotspot all at once! If one of those connections loses signal, I'm still connected on the others (and running at almost twice the speed of a single connection, with half the latency). I've used about a half dozen different VPNs during my travels across Southeast Asia, and Speedify is by FAR the fastest and most useful one! This is a must have for any digital nomad.


Makes remote working from Myanmar bearable!

Positive Review by redwardo
about Speedify Feb 2016

I'm working from Myanmar, where the internet is teeeeerrrrrible! Now though, I have two different office wifis (and an occasional 3G phone) connected via Speedify and, at last, it now means I can work with a pretty good semblance of normality!

+1 from this digital nomad :)


Real Speed (Speedifiy) Thanks...

Positive Review by OnurClm
about Speedify Feb 2016

I have 3 internet connections at my house: CABLE + DSL. + 3g

Now i can combine all of my internet connections to create a 3x upload speed!

Working Perfect Thanks...


Great Services

Review by kyawsanlin
about Speedify Jan 2016

I'm not experienced with VPN's but needed one to use with my mobile hotspot connection. It works great and the connection seems fast. Sometimes I have to switch servers but is easy to do with the Speedify app window. I have tried combining different internet connections and it works but doesn't seem to be faster, although that could be my internet service. Otherwise I like using this and works for what I need. A little expensive monthly, just throwing that out there. Thanks Speedify!


Speedify best for me overseas!

Positive Review by marcusjones
about Speedify Jan 2016

Speedify price and stability along with speed provides the best services for me recently moved to Germany from the US. I am in the Army. Speedify is unbeatble for the value and service it provides me!