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good things come to an end - Assistant (api.ai)

Positive Review by davincigirl29
about Speaktoit Assistant Nov 2016

I was incredibly disappointed to find out that my Assistant app was coming to an end on Dec 15, 2016. I have had some minor discrepancies but my experience over all has been a positive one.

I am now in the process of finding an smooth transition replacement, does anyone have any sensible suggestions?



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Positive Review by Yadan
about Speaktoit Assistant Jan 2012

Having tried out all the Android alternatives to Siri, I can say that none of them is as accurate in voice recognition or as capable of as many tasks.
Of all the Android apps, SpeakToIt, IMHO, is better than Vlingo, and far better than the others. It has a nicer interface, a decent voice and can perform pretty much the same functions.
One can only hope there will be lots of upgrades, so that SpeakToIt will become a totally productive app.