Sparrow Reviews

Sweet looking UI and that's it

Negative Review by RobertRedford
about Sparrow Aug 2012

Sparrow looks pretty sweet. Unfortunately that's all. It's not usable when even standard like S/MIME are not supported. Fail. After the company has been acquired by Google it's the end of Sparrow probably anyway.


Not any more functional than Gmail's web interface

Review by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Sparrow Jul 2011

Sparrow's interface is neat and tidy, but I don't find it any more functional than Gmail's web interface, which is also quite straightforward. Plus, Sparrow is rather laggy when you're dealing with extremely large email conversations (think 100+ messages). I didn't even find any particularly noteworthy features in Sparrow. I might as well just stick to the Gmail website, if only to use Gmail Labs.