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Replaces Spacemonger

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I used the last freeware version of SpaceMonger for many years, as I could never find anything as fast or usable. Today I tried Spacesniffer and it does does the same job better.

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Interesting to watch

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I mostly use WinDirStat to find out how my used disk space is distributed. The nicest feature SpaceSniffer adds is that the visual tree generation is really fast, so the app can actually update it as the scan goes along, and you can see the rectangles appear and change size as the analysis progresses. It's fun to watch and almost hypnotic.

Unfortunately, the tool always seems to perform a depth-first search of the disk, which tends to give less accurate estimates before the full analysis is finished. That's a pity, because that would be especially nice with the real-time map generation. I would like to see an option to change to a different disk traversal algorithm in future versions.

Also, navigating down into the structure and, most of all, back out again is pretty confusing. For example, I can't use the back button on my mouse to back out of a subdirectory I've moved into. I have to use the keyboard or toolbar buttons for this. And sometimes I don't move up to the same hierarchy level I've been before, which can be really confusing, so I usually just tend to go back to the top-level view and start over. So some room for improvement in the navigation part as well.

For now I'm sticking with WinDirStat, even if there I have to let the scan run for a while before I'm getting the nice visual result.


The ultimate tool to get a visual idea of your disk drive

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Firstly, I'm surprised such an amazing tool is available for free (Deserves Donation)

The tool is extremely effective to find those large hidden folders and files that elude you.
Over time, you might reach a point where your computer has some large folder/files that you just don't know about. Something you downloaded or something you forgot about that's taking up huge amounts of space. May be even some backups that you created that aren't needed anymore.

Now you can manually look through your drive to look for it or use this visual tool to see what's eating up your disk space. *Its really fast and looks great. *
A quick scan of a drive will show you an overall view of all the folders and allow you to jump into them and find the sub-folders and so on.. Excellent tool. Something I use every now and then to clean up my computer. Lots of additional features to filter items and sort as well.