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Used to be great

Negative Review by maximeploquin
about SourceTree 13 days ago

Used to be a great software, now it is super slow and hard to use. Useful functionalities are removed for no reason, buttons are moved every update making you relearn the software every time, but the worst is really the performance. It is really slow


SourceTree wins against them all 2 Helpful

Positive Review by GregariousJB
about SourceTree and TortoiseGit, Git Extensions, SmartGit Apr 2015

EDIT: It's now 2/12/2016, about 8 months since writing this review, and I'm still happy with Sourcetree.

GitExtensions has been my favorite for years, but lately it's gotten very buggy and crashy.

I tried moving to SmartGit, but dealing with separate "Log" windows that have different available actions than the original window made trying to find what I wanted a pain in the ass. Also, not having incredibly basic, useful features (right-click the file > Open it in Explorer) was a big turn-off for me.

TortoiseGit is just an absolute nightmare.

Github for Windows is too basic. It's a great program, but only for people that want to make changes and push them. There's no other functionality - no patches, no resetting, no changing tracked branches, no creating new branches, etc.

I tried SourceTree for a few days and fell in love, and I've now been using it for ~2 months. It has the same ease-of-use as GitExtensions, but it doesn't crash and I haven't found a bug yet. It has most of the powerful features of SmartGit, but it also has the basic, useful ones, too. Pushing and Pull Requesting is extremely smooth. Mistakes are easy to fix. The right-click context menu is filled with the functionality that you'd expect to have access to.

I have confidently made the move to SourceTree without looking back. Highly recommended.

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