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Avoid, or use with extreme caution

Negative Review by Roelof
about SourceForge and Chocolatey, Unchecky, GitHub Aug 2015

Sadly, SourceForge has seen it as their goal to distribute adware in their installers.

They've been silently, without explicit concent, packaging older apps (2ys or older) in installers which provide you with relevant content (read: adware, crapware and other nopeware).

Therefore, this site can no longer be trusted as a clean source for programs. If you must download from this site, use software like Unchecky to prevent your PC from getting blown up with useless programs.

You're better of using GitHub (with their Releases system) or a package manager like Chocolatey

[Edited by Roelof, August 13]


Negative Thing

Negative Review by at_oussama
about SourceForge Aug 2012

Sourceforge guys can do better if they allow continous downloads, cuz sometimes i got low internet connection, and the file download pause several times, when trying to resume it, i get stcuk with error ! and also they don't have fast servers, so downloads are so slow