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Great tool for Linux

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Not wanting to spend hours memorizing how to use ffmpeg on the command-line, I came to this site to find an alternative which worked on Ubuntu Linux. I downloaded this with a simple 'sudo apt-get install soundkonverter', but of course Software Centre or Synaptic would have worked just a well. On first look, it's a bit bland, but it only takes a few seconds to realize exactly what you have to do as the user interface is really intuitive and even the advanced functions are obvious and easy to use. Converting my FLACs to ALACs for iTunes took only a few seconds for each track, but I've tried other formats as well and the settings and speed for each one are all good. I've yet to use the extract audio from video feature, but I have no doubt I will soon enough.

I would reccomend this app to everyone because it really does come in handy in a lot of situations.