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That's the best free office suite

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I've supported LibreOffice for a long time and used it on various machines, but my appreciation of it is wearing very thin (and my view hasn't changed with the current version 5.1).

LibreOffice needs a lot of resources, it's slow and has a clunky interface, important shortcuts are missing, and it destroys formatting when opening or saving MS Office formats.

In contrast, SoftMaker FreeOffice, which I currently use, needs less resources, is much faster, works highly reliable, has a better user interface and an excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office.


Feateure-packed office suite, very good MS Office replacement

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Microsoft Office inncluding Outlook costs $269 per license, SoftMaker Office Professional incl. eM Client 6 Professional only $99 for three licenses.

SoftMaker Office not only much cheaper, but many of its features are even better than those in Microsoft Office (e.g. spell checker, tabs for several opened pages, portable use, effects in presentations etc.).

All Microsoft Office formats can be opened/saved without flaws. Open files by a simple double-click, and the only difference you'll ever notice is that you're using SoftMaker Office.

It's a compact, powerful, and sleek application.