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Requires online activation

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Despite being a truly free office suite, FreeOffice requires an online license activation.

I'm fine with developers asking me to supply my e-mail address or set up an account to obtain the software. But online activation is definitely a step too far – one of my main reasons for looking for free software alternatives is exactly so I don't have to put up with crap like that…
(Excuse the language, but no gentler terms seem appropriate for that kind of mechanism.)


Softmaker Rulez!

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The Wonderful thing about the latest, i.e. 2016 paid version of Softmaker Office is that -- unlike all the other alternatives I've tried so far -- it really is fully compatible with MS Word. By that I mean that it doesn't spoil things like footnote numbers in Word files that are edited in it. You can work on the same file on various computers using both MS Word and Softmaker and the end result is exactly the same This is something unique, I think, and makes the latest version of Softmaker Office definitely worth buying.

Another exciting thing -- and I think this is going to make people sit up and take notice -- is the fact that there are also versions of Softmaker Office 2016 for LINUX, which now makes ditching Windows a much more viable proposition for those who -- like me -- used to be frightened off by the prospect of being condemned to use Open Office etc. instead of MS Word.


Never mind

Comment by Azazel
about SoftMaker FreeOffice · Feb 2016 ·

A little confusion took place here

[Edited by Azazel, February 15]

That's not true. SoftMaker FreeOffice for Windows and Linux are available free of charge ( ), as well as SoftMaker Office Mobile for Android smartphones and SoftMaker Office HD Basic for Android tablets. By the way, all of those free office suites from SoftMaker are strongly recommendable, they are fully featured and offer an excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office formats.

Yes, looks like I confused Office with Freeoffice, probably because the title suggested the first one, and I'm not sure how I ended up on instead of, even though the product link was correct. I'll make the necessary edits to eliminate any future confusion here...


Great office suite and the only true competitor for Microsoft Office

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I LOVE this office suite, all Microsoft Office files look absolutely original, no formatting losses (in contrast to all other alternatives like LibreOffice, OpenOffice and such), and the range of features is enormously, it even has many functions that Microsoft Office doesn't include, e.g. the ability to be installed on a USB flash drive.

It's sold for a cheap price that includes 3 licenses and full support by e-mail, forum, and even phone.

But there's one thing I have to mention: all the screenshots here at this website are completely outdated, they're from an old version,current SoftMaker Office 2012 for Windows and Linux (UI, charts, ...) looks way more modern. Btw., everyone can download a free trial version from the SoftMaker website and try it out with full functionalities for 30 days.


A really good alternative to Microsoft office!

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In my opinion SoftMaker Office is one of the best alternatives to MS Office. It's free, except of the latest version.