SoftEther VPN Reviews

Just an easy vpn wrapper package

Positive Review by angelmartinezn
about SoftEther VPN May 2017

It's simply a wonderful piece of software, few steps and you have all setup a multi protocol VPN service.


Really amazing

Positive Review by KeyJey
about SoftEther VPN Apr 2014

I'm totally amazed about this piece of software. Since I'm not a networking expert, it took me a while understand how it works, and once you get it, when more you play with it, more yopu like.

This software alows you to configure any kind of VPN (OpenVPN included) under any platform (Windows, Unix, MacOS) with any kind of configuration with the easiest way,

Of course you should know what you do, but it's extremelly easy to setup a home or clustered / failover VPN in minutes using any server or computer you have available.

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