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good app

about SMPlayer · · 1 Helpful

This is a good video player, just the default theme is very ugly. I changed it to MPC, and now it it very pleasant.


Pretty good

Comment by Satuim
about SMPlayer · Jun 2016 · 1 Helpful

This probably won't end up being my main player over MPC-BE.
But SMPlayer is feature filled and capable, I'm impressed at its cross-platform support with Linux


New favorite

about SMPlayer · · 1 Helpful

Switched from VLC, Faster. I never found anything better than VLC till i found this. I like changing the skins.

It should be noted that VLC supports skins now, however I do use SMPlayer. It just seems to be that bit quicker and plays digital formats with far fewer artifacts.


Haiku unofficial port of SMPlayer

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about SMPlayer and Haiku · May 2013 ·

An unofficial port of SMPlayer for Haiku is available at


As good as it gets...

Comment by wolframite
about SMPlayer · Jul 2011 ·

I've been trialing many of these video players looking for one that plays well on my windows 7 virtual machine setup. This one works sooo well. I like Media Player Classic, and SPlayer, but those have had some weird blips that turned into major annoyances, but this one is doing the job, and it is so fast. Seeking is instant, HD video loads up in a blink.

I did have to make an adjustment though, I had to turn the 'subtitle visibility' and 'Use SSA/ASS Library' off because it would cause some of my videos to crash when I resized the video to a size that didn't agree with these settings.


kizzx2, by "disable fullscreen while playing" did you mean ...

Comment by HTL2001
about SMPlayer · Jun 2011 ·

kizzx2, by "disable fullscreen while playing" did you mean disable screensaver? Never had a problem with this, unless the player isn't focused (only happened once when I started dozing off while it was on my 2nd monitor)

Speaking of additional monitors, this is the only player I can get to play something on 2nd monitor while playing a game in windows XP. Admittedly an odd use but the fact that it works is nice.


I've not seen anything better (on linux) since mplayer itse ...

Comment by bhepple
about SMPlayer · Jun 2011 ·

I've not seen anything better (on linux) since mplayer itself!! Damn fine job!!


This could easily have been my favorite player -- all featu ...

Comment by kizzx2
about SMPlayer · Jun 2011 ·

This could easily have been my favorite player -- all features I would ever need and based on the almighty mplayer -- only if it's "disable fullscreen while playing" feature was working properly (on Windows). I can't believe this wonderful player is spoiled by this deadly simple mistake!