SmartGit Reviews

Best GIT GUI client

Positive Review by geotavros
about SmartGit Feb 2016

So far I find SmartGit the best GIT client among all others. Intuitive. I often use console GIT client, but also use SmartGit to view history and diff, commiting, deleting files etc, everything what is unconvenient to do from console. Very convenient app.


Great Support & Great Product

Positive Review by NontasRavazoulas
about SmartGit Oct 2014

I use SmartGit for almost 2 years now and it is a great product. That I knew, what I've learned the last days is that they have a great support.

The support team helped me a lot with a problem that I had after updating java on my PC.
I had an issue pulling from bitbucket with https and they spent hours with me fixing it event though I have a non commercial license so they could just say, go and buy a license then we will support you.

In my opinion we need more companies like this one and I will be very glad to tell everyone how good they are.

Thanks to all the team...