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Best git client I've found up to date

Positive Comment by krzysztow
about SmartGit Mar 2017

It might be difficult initially to use, but it's because of it's power that allows you to do so many things in git.


"Expires" for no good reason 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by rymdsmurfen
about SmartGit Jan 2017

If you use the free version you cannot disable update checks. And for some reason the program "expires" after a certain date (as if it got some identity crisis and decided it was not a Git client but a carton of milk). When it has "expired" (I won't stop using quotation marks around that word) it of course works just as well as before, but now it begins to nag you into updating by delaying the start-up by 30 seconds. Unless you're using a client/server application that absolutely requires an update to work, the decision to update should be left to the user.


Best cross-platform git/mercurial client

Positive Comment by viktorbenei
about SmartGit Feb 2013

SmartGit is the best cross-platform git/mercurial client I've found so far. For Mac I prefer SourceTree, but SmartGit works really well on Windows and Linux, on Mac SourceTree is a bit better solution IMHO.


Way better than TortoiseGit

Positive Comment by endolith
about SmartGit Jun 2012

The interface is much better, it has a Meld-like diff and merge tool, which is very nice, and it makes recommendations like "you probably don't want to do that. how about this instead?"