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Wire is much much better 1 Helpful

Negative Review by linuxien
about Skype Nov 2016

Skype is not cool anymore, sorry.

Wire is much better as far as privacy is concerned. Since Skype is a proprietary system, no one can review or see the source code. And, as usual, Microsoft is trying to install Bing as the default search engine and other stuff during the first install.
I used to like Skype, but since MS bought it, you cannot trust it. Just another NSA fellowship software.

When I first mentionned Wire, it is because it is much more reliable. (Open Source, no tracking etc). And made in Switzerland (GMBH).


Lots Of Errors

Negative Review by MeganT
about Skype Apr 2016

I used Skype as a way to talk with long distance friends and family. It was a good option in this regard; but lately they require people all be on the same build and that's never viable. I've had calls not even start due to this. It's a decent core product but muddled by these types of issues.


No alternatives! Just Skype :) -1 Helpful

Positive Review by Dreiden
about Skype Sep 2015

Do you know any services to talk to each other? Any software so much appreciable all over the world?
I don't know any.
So, Skype software is the best.


The deception of Skype

Negative Review by radutapus
about Skype Jan 2015

It used to be a great product but now it's just lag-ish and buggy.


Very good app

Positive Review by ExpertDownloader
about Skype Nov 2014

I use it a lot from my computer
I don't need phone any more

The only thing that is a bit frustrating is the start time.
I have a good computer, and it takes more than 15 second to start


for the naive and luddites

Negative Review by Unwasted_Youth
about Skype and Psi+, MAXS, Jitsi Jul 2014

this is not a great product; this is not even a good product.

Paying to call via PSTN is normal but the rates are outrageous. Anything more than $0.011 and you have overpayed [per leg].

SIP, Open Standard, for phone, video, and texting. Easily security with sRTP and easy key exchange with zRTP.


Horrible in every way

Negative Review by Anamon
about Skype and Microsoft Lync, Hangouts, Windows Live Messenger Dec 2012

Skype is without a doubt the most broken piece of communications software that you will find anywhere. It built its reputation on its video and audio call functionality, but both are embarrassingly badly implemented. I don't even know whether the echo-cancelling algorithm can be called such, because every call is an irritating mess of noise and audio feedback. It has a latency of about half a second, which is enough to make every participant of a conversation constantly puzzled about what the other participant(s) might have been saying. Microsoft has done echo cancellation better in their Messenger and NetMeeting/Lync tools for over 10 years, so I don't understand why Skype can't get it right. On top of that, video quality is awful and unreliable, which becomes clear once you directly compare them to alternatives such as Google Hangouts or, again, Windows Messenger.

Alright, so you fall back to the text IM functionality, and this is where the fun really starts! Because the protocol is so unreliable that several of my friends have resorted to actually calling their conversation partners after a while, in order to ask them whether they received their Skype IM messages. Surely, this can't be the purpose of an IM solution. Since Skype refuse to extend their P2P model with server-client functionality where it would be helpful, there will probably also never be a working offline messaging functionality. Which means that unless your contact is online at the same time as you, you'll have to revert to mobile text messages to contact them. Also for the same basic reasons, the conversation history synchronisation is utterly broken, delivering old messages to you as new ones again, up to as many times as the number of devices/systems you use Skype on. There's nothing as irritating as being delivered "new" messages when one of your contacts signs in, replying to them, then noticing that you've just replied to messages that were two weeks old, because Skype is too stupid to remember which messages you've already seen.

In summary, none of the three basic channels offered by Skype really work, making the entire network and solution absolutely useless for communication. Unless you are forced to use this because of co-workers etc. (in which case you will have to use it, because Skype is the only IM solution that, thanks to Skype's policies, isn't integrated into any of the multi-protocol IM clients), steer way, way clear of this turd.