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skype x...

Comment by dudu_brz about Skype 12 days ago

I don't know if my question is for this moment.
I can send email hotmail to yahoo, gmail, etc And I get email from them and others.
Why I can't talk with friends don't use the messenger I use?
If I'm using Telegram I cant' exchange messages wiht someone using Viber.
Why not?


don't like it

Comment by sebastiandowny about Skype 15 days ago

i don't really like it anymore, i think it is too slow.



Positive Comment by Kudrart_use about Skype May 2016

It is a good helper in the work . When there is no time to go away from the workplace, you can use Skype and solve all the problems and calls directly during operation.


I completely agree!


I like it!

Positive Comment by Plarium90 about Skype Apr 2016

One of the best instant messengers in the world. No complete analogy .


Unique program

Positive Comment by prettykittybi about Skype Apr 2016

Now there are a lot of Skypes' analogs, but to call to any country and not be tied to a phone number only Skype can.




Maybe time to forget Skype, and use another application

Negative Comment by Jan_de_Haas about Skype Apr 2016

Since Skype is acquired by Microsoft, it has a lot of crap and unstable. Except of that, it's not reliable and not trustfully for daily use.
Microsoft has made Skype far below standard

In my opinion is Microsoft stealing technologies of others, and use that to generate only more money, and not take into account, that the program is very well functional. It was better that "Skype SRL" never was sold to Microsoft. Microsoft have also some nice features removed, that was total useless.


big no

Comment by markcarandini about Skype Apr 2016

i don't think this is reliable anymore, i don't like it, is too slow and no longer easy to use.


Since Microsoft, as expected, this app is not longer reliable

Negative Comment by KeyJey about Skype Mar 2016

Since Skype was purchased by Microsoft, happened what all we could expect. Stopped being a reliable application. The mobile versions of skype simply crash and don't work.

Forget getting incoming ring calls on your mobile device, of successfully make outgoing calls from mobile .... it's a real traumatic process to make this crop to work.

I recommend (for video and audio) hangouts, witch works fine.

Problem as always is privacy ..... but well, Google already knows it all about us. Emails, calls, where we go, our agenda ...

Cheers !


Latest update not great

Comment by kelleygibson about Skype Jan 2016

I used Skype everyday, mostly the chatting portion, but a lot of calls also. It works perfectly fine, but ever since the latest update (as of January 2016 time of writing), it has become quite sluggish, and the chat message are all out of order! Quite frustrating, especially since it was working fine for so many years.


hate it

Negative Comment by ParisFitts about Skype Jan 2016

i hate it, i use to be able to call internationaly from here, but now it just doesn't work and takes too long to load so now i just hate it.


never again

Negative Comment by gregzaid about Skype Dec 2015

i used to be a huge fan of skype, but now it doesn't really work, takes too long to connect, the chat almost never works and on top of all that, there are lots of adds and publicity that i don't really enjoy



Negative Comment by EtherealAshe about Skype and Discord, Dec 2015

Back when I had heard that Microsoft had acquired Skype, I thought "Maybe they can use some of their money to make it better. I can always hope!"

Ahhhh... no.

Since then they had added bigger and bigger installations and added ads that ate up your bandwidth as well as your computer's resources. If you wanted to go back to versions that didn't have ads, you were left shorthanded a few months later when they forced them to stop working. By now people have a work around for the ads, but not everyone is tech savvy.

Also, with each installation, it ends up laaaagggginnng. If you don't have a semi-robust computer, then it takes forever to switch from one person to another and even load conversations. And don't mention the start up time on it. From the time I click on it to the time it actually starts takes 5 minutes, all of which it takes up about 86% of my resources to do that and I have a pretty decent laptop meant for gaming.

For android it's worse because the app is pretty hefty... A little too hefty for the kinds of services it provides. It takes forever to start up (seeing a pattern here?) and take forever to seamlessly go back and forth between conversations. If I go to another app and come back, it crashes and then I need to start it up again. It's an programming on it is terrible and should be rewritten.

To be honest, the only reason why I still use it is because all my friends and family use it, even thought they are as unhappy with it as I am. Still trying to find a good software for casual messaging.

All in all, Microsoft acquiring this relatively good application brought about its demise. I will only recommend using this if you cannot use another application to communicate.

By the way, I will recommend Discord for gaming. Uses less bandwidth and less resources to use.