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Skype is the most popular free voice-over IP and instant messaging service globally.

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Skype is the most popular free voice-over IP and instant messaging service globally. It allows users to text, video and voice call over the internet. Users can also call landlines and mobiles at competitive rates using Skype credit, premium accounts and subscriptions.

· Find all of your friends and family in an instant - search for friends, groups, conversations or new contacts on Skype. With over 300 million people using Skype, you’re bound to bump into someone you know.
· Call your world for free - Free voice and video calls let you talk to your heart’s content with all your friends and family on Skype.
· Make low cost calls to mobiles and landlines - Keep in touch with anyone even if they’re not on Skype, with low cost calls to mobiles and landlines.
· Instantly get in touch - No matter where you are, your friends are always available with free instant messaging.
· Share moments - Send photos, record and send video messages, share your location or share web content with the people who matter most.
· Available for Apple Watch - see your notifications and chat on your Apple Watch so you’re always part of the conversation.
· Skype is available everywhere - on smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs, and even TVs. Whatever your friends or family use, Skype is there. Simple.
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Latest update not great

Comment by kelleygibson about Skype Jan 2016

I used Skype everyday, mostly the chatting portion, but a lot of calls also. It works perfectly fine, but ever since the latest update (as of January 2016 time of writing), it has become quite sluggish, and the chat message are all out of order! Quite frustrating, especially since it was working fine for so many years.


hate it

Negative Comment by ParisFitts about Skype Jan 2016

i hate it, i use to be able to call internationaly from here, but now it just doesn't work and takes too long to load so now i just hate it.


never again

Negative Comment by gregzaid about Skype Dec 2015

i used to be a huge fan of skype, but now it doesn't really work, takes too long to connect, the chat almost never works and on top of all that, there are lots of adds and publicity that i don't really enjoy



Negative Comment by EtherealAshe about Skype Also mentioning: Discord Dec 2015

Back when I had heard that Microsoft had acquired Skype, I thought "Maybe they can use some of their money to make it better. I can always hope!"

Ahhhh... no.

Since then they had added bigger and bigger installations and added ads that ate up your bandwidth as well as your computer's resources. If you wanted to go back to versions that didn't have ads, you were left shorthanded a few months later when they forced them to stop working. By now people have a work around for the ads, but not everyone is tech savvy.

Also, with each installation, it ends up laaaagggginnng. If you don't have a semi-robust computer, then it takes forever to switch from one person to another and even load conversations. And don't mention the start up time on it. From the time I click on it to the time it actually starts takes 5 minutes, all of which it takes up about 86% of my resources to do that and I have a pretty decent laptop meant for gaming.

For android it's worse because the app is pretty hefty... A little too hefty for the kinds of services it provides. It takes forever to start up (seeing a pattern here?) and take forever to seamlessly go back and forth between conversations. If I go to another app and come back, it crashes and then I need to start it up again. It's an programming on it is terrible and should be rewritten.

To be honest, the only reason why I still use it is because all my friends and family use it, even thought they are as unhappy with it as I am. Still trying to find a good software for casual messaging.

All in all, Microsoft acquiring this relatively good application brought about its demise. I will only recommend using this if you cannot use another application to communicate.

By the way, I will recommend Discord for gaming. Uses less bandwidth and less resources to use.


not good now

Negative Comment by anikathompson9 about Skype Dec 2015

i think it was a great sevice but right now is very slow, i have to wait a lot of time just for it to load so is no longer convinient for me.


i think it works fine most of the time but on the computer. when i use it on my phone it just never connects, the chat doesn't work either, it takes too long to send a text there.



Negative Comment by dimlakgorkehgz about Skype Apr 2015

Really spotty here in Belize. Often does not connect, sometimes connects to the wrong number, cant call out of belize or send sms. Gave back most sms monies.



Comment by tomgoldman about Skype Jul 2014

Tox aims to be a free and open source Skype replacement. Seems to work better on all platforms too.

[Edited by tomgoldman, July 25]


HeavyWieght Android App

Negative Comment by NightHeron about Skype Oct 2013

Hello MS, what about creating a smaller app for smartphones. I have the No.1 benchmarked smartphone in CPU speed, and i can run this app, but none of my friends have this app to their phone! Just remove some crapware, make it lightweight, its a simple secret to victory! C'MON


Buggy and lame

Negative Comment by impossible about Skype Aug 2013

Its hard to get your friends to switch if they arent interested in the latest and arent really interested in switching tech. This thing is a cow, slow, bad connection and buggy. For windows and GNU/Linux and i cant imagine how bad it must be for mac users. There needs to be a better alternative. This is definitely not for gaming, mostly for chatting. I've yet to try something like oovoo which i probably trust less.

Not to mention the thirdparty software apps they offer which some have viruses and they keep them on their top downloads. I contacted them various times and its still there. They even deleted my comment warning the people!



Negative Comment by HG about Skype Jul 2013

Stopped using Skype.
MS does not care... they share whatever information they have if the government requests it without a fight.


Time to abandon Skype.

Comment by DazzaJay about Skype Jul 2011

Damn Microsoft, always buying out great apps, then ruining them. Skype will be the latest when the next update goes live as its installing mandatory tracking software and aggressive targeted advertising, even to people who are paying for subscriptions.

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was just repeating what I've been told. and I trust my source, nothing he's told me yet has been crap, everything from the PS3's having the "Install other OS" option removed (he told me about that 6 months before it happened) And also the introduction of DRM in Windows Media Player 10 (Told me about that about 6 months before it happened also) Amongst other things, (Just woke up so cant think of much at the moment). Either way, over many years I've come to trust him, as he's never been wrong yet.

Not sure about the aggressive plugin installing, I've never had it, then again, every time I load skype the Extras manager crashes immediately. so I've never been able to use it. (Must have something to do with XP X64 SP1's 32bit emulator)

Did some digging:


It's almost been six months now ;) and so far nothing at all has changed, except the copyright messages and the ability to log in using a Microsoft Live account.

In fact, I'm disappointed that nothing changed, because when I heard that Microsoft bought Skype, I thought that maybe they would use their experience with Messenger/Lync to actually fix Skype, something which Skype themselves haven't ever bothered to do in their 8 years of existence. Deal-breaking bugs that have been reported 5 years ago, get several dozens of frustrated user comments every month, and no official ever bothers to reply, or say that someone's looking into it (because no one is, I assume). There's no money in fixing something people use in it's broken state anyway, I guess. And now Microsoft is closing the service that works (Messenger) for the one that never has and maybe never will (Skype).

All in all, this entire thing has been a catastrophic debacle—but not at all for the reasons people initially feared.


Well, it's changed now. Won't sign in with my skype ID, just sits there with the useless spinning circle.

or, I can use a "Live ID" -NO, I want to use my existing Skype ID.
or, I can use a "Facebook login" - NO, I want to use my EXISTING skype ID. I don't want to make a crapbook account just to use the same program I've been using for years.

-Uninstalled. Hello Trillian, oh, what a surprise, my Skype ID works in Trillian.


Cool yup, I switched over to Trillian as well, since the announcement that Messenger users would be forced over to Skype, which I really couldn't bear. Trillian seems to be the only multi-protocol IM that supports Skype without having the full Skype client running alongside. Unfortunately it doesn't work on the Android version. Which is, of course, entirely the fault of Skype/Microsoft, and not Trillian/Cerulean. I'd really prefer to ditch Skype altogether, but that's the problem with IMs, you're kind of forced to use what your contacts use.