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open source?

Comment by spirit
about Simplenote · Feb 2017 · 2 Helpful

so this is not really open source? only the app clients are open source and not the source code responsible for all the actual features and processes which power the app?

The code is open source, but only for the Android, MacOS and iOS platforms. So not for everything. More than that, there are other parts of the service which are not open source. And on top of that their privacy policy is about the same as every other proprietary US-based service.

hmm, so are there any alternatives you would recommend which are open source and able to use on mobile?

Do you mean Android? Try Turtl. I just wrote a little comparison of Simplenote and Turtl on Simplenote's review tab. Turtl is still in beta but it does everything Simplenote does except it's got end-to-end encryption. Might work for you.


Not a good privacy prospect.

about Simplenote and Laverna, Turtl · · 3 Helpful

Not only is the service not fully open source (it was listed as open source here before - now corrected to "free" (as in beer, not birds)), the privacy policy is every bit as alarming as for any other service that "for free" stores your information on its servers in unencrypted format in US juridiction, including that they may sell it. From the privacy policy (10th January 2017):

Automattic, Inc may sell, transfer or otherwise share some or all of its assets, including your personally identifiable information...

Careful what you put into Simplenote, therefore. And follow the default advice for cloud services: put on other people's servers (services) only things you wouldn't mind becoming public/published.

For a much more private, open source alternative, try Turtl. It might not be mature/stable enough yet though, so check back every now and again to see if it will serve your needs. Otherwise, Laverna is also a good online note-taking app with security built in. It's also open source and supports markdown, unlike Simplenote.

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Not an opensource application

Comment by thierryl
about Simplenote · Jan 2017 · 1 Helpful

Altough, this application is mentioned as open-source, it's not.
The service is centralised and no mention on its licensing is provided on the official site.

Ok, there are some clients published on Github under a free license here: .
But that doesn't mean i can inspect the server code, modify it and redisribute in the sense of the OSI definition ( )

I could write an open-source client for Instapaper (It's now free in an unlimited version).
Would it mean that it's now an opensource software ?
To get real opensource alternatives to Evernote, please take a look at Laverna or Paperwork for instance.

So please, edit the license field and set FREE or FREEMIUM instead

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I agree. I've submitted an edit to change the licence category from 'Open Source' to 'Free'. Let's see of the AlternativeTo admins accept it.


Simplenote does not use image files. (.jpg, .png, .gif, etc...)

Comment by bandai-anime000000
about Simplenote · Nov 2016 · 2 Helpful

Simplenote is a very nice app. Fast, Intuitive, Clean, Syncronize.
But one bad point that does not use image files.


Formatting notes + Unofficial android apps

about Simplenote · · 1 Helpful

It has now markdown with extra formatting!

It has unofficial android apps (Jadenotes, and there are others)


Very fast and very sleek. Does nothing but store your notes ...

Comment by tomasradej
about Simplenote · Jun 2011 · 1 Helpful

Very fast and very sleek. Does nothing but store your notes in plain text + supports tags. I love it, both the online application and the iPhone app. Ad-supported (but in settings it says Display Ads: Off ???).