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A first real competitor to my Tabs Outliner.

Comment by omnray
about Sidewise Tree Style Tabs Aug 2012

And it has serious guts! How many?

It's Over Nine THOUSAAAND!!!!!

As author say on donation page:

"2+ years and 1500+ man-hours later, Sidewise was born. Weighing in at ~9000 lines of hand-crafted code, Sidewise is one of the most complex Chrome extensions ever created. Even so, great care was taken to keep it lightweight and resource-friendly."

Really know what it is all about, all this "1500+" and "~9000"... so my greetings with release.

Message to author:
Seems you already borrow some concepts from Tabs Outliner and plan to borrow a little more, (as i see from discussions in you customer support threads), my advise - don't be very fanatical with this, or you will lost you distinction. Have the courage to walk you own way. Nobody needs a clone. For example this you non adherent to Chrome tab strip tabs ordering (which as I understand from you support threads you plan to abandon in favor of Tabs Outliner way of dealing with tabs) have real benefits, and in past I really seriously thought about same approach.

Anyway, welcome to the Arena! ; )