Shotcut Reviews

Works like a dream!

Positive Review by Virake
about Shotcut Jan 2017

This is the best free video editor, and the best free alternative to expensive programs, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro. It's simple to use, it doesn't consume too much system resources, it loads quickly, and you can use your computer for other purposes while encoding (if you have a powerful CPU). It doesn't have a problem with variable framerate (looking at you, Adobe Premiere Pro), which makes it perfect for editing recorded gaming footage. I highly recommend this one.


Best free simple Video Editor (Microsoft Move Maker replacement) 3 Helpful

Positive Review by SveinM
about Shotcut and Avidemux Jun 2016

I have looking for a Move Maker replacement and this is the best I have found.
I just drag and drop the video clips in, do some clipping and then encode the video to desired format.
I sometime still using the AvideMux for simple edits, when I want to edit without re-encoding the video. But for all other I am now using the Shotcut software.


Fantastic Free Editor 3 Helpful

Positive Review by Richiachu
about Shotcut Aug 2015

I've been messing around with several free video editors as of late, but this one has functioned like no other. It's easy to use, comes with several tutorial videos made by the developer, and is updated monthly. Other editors such as avidemux or wax don't offer many features or support, and Shotcut puts them to shame. There's also a large selection of formats for your video output & input. It's great to be able to work with .flv or .webm with ease.

It also has a nice selection of filters to use on video and audio. You can even see the roadmap the developer has laid out for features. Shotcut also comes with a timeline which is nice to see in a free open source program. It looks nice, functions well, and to top it all off, it's free.


Needs Optimising 3 Helpful

Review by stevenbroden
about Shotcut Jul 2015

Ram hog. When you import a clip and take it down onto the timeline, it automatically goes into ram (i assume for smooth playback) this isn't necessarily bad, but I very quickly found my memory usage at well over 2gb. Hopefully the developers will lock this down one day and I'm able to get the same performance out of this as I would a commercial product


Surprisingly professional 3 Helpful

Positive Review by Anamon
about Shotcut and Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker Nov 2014

I have been looking for good, free, non-linear video editing tools for many years. This has always led me to the same handful of programs which do some nice things, and are good enough to improve on using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. But they also all had some very strict limitations. Some don't deal well with different audio and video formats, others are very limited in their timeline editing, and still others have very limited encoding options.

For me, Shotcut appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and I was completely amazed how feature-complete and professional it is. So far I haven't found anything where the program would restrict my options, as most others do. It reads an impressive number of input formats. It allows me to customise my project settings with regards to picture format, so there won't be any surprises with unwanted resizing or "re-timing" of my input video. Likewise, it gives me complete control over the encoder, providing many presets, but allowing customisation down to the command line level – and handling encoding in a professional-style asynchronous queue.

The timeline editor is great, you'll be adding unlimited tracks and dragging in and out audio and video, cutting and trimming and overlaying in a breeze. Plus, it looks nice. The software makes it very easy to precisely trim input material, and comes with a selection of audio and video filters to boot. What it doesn't give you, unlike some other tools, is fancy amateur video transitions between clips. You can probably put together a few simple things using video filters and multiple tracks, but none of this drag & drop transition library business (your videos will probably look better without them anyway).

I'm glad to have finally found something like Shotcut. That it's open-source and seems to be updated very frequently is the icing on the cake. If you're looking for a "lightweight Premiere" non-linear editing suite (in contrast to linear editors such as Avidemux or VirtualDub), be sure to check this one out.