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Comment by kholdstayr
about ShareX · Jul 2017 · 1 Helpful

I used to use Skitch for quick image annotating, but after Skitch was discontinued I found this as an alternative. The main thing I want for an image annotator is easy to use arrows and text with outlines. Programs such as Greenshot are good, but don't have text with outlines. This program does have it and that is why I like it.

Comment by Guest
about ShareX · May 2017 ·

It has a lot of functionality, it's open source, it's relatively fast on my PC, and navigation is fairly straight forward.


ShareX review

about ShareX and Greenshot · · 1 Helpful

ShareX is basically a greenshot image editor with a backend interface that supports gifs and advanced image host options

I've tried almost every other similar program recommended on "alternatives" and shareX is by far vastly superior to anything out there

only for windows though


Best thing for sharing screenshots, and other files i found so far

about ShareX and Greenshot · ·

I tried GreenShot before, but ShareX has so much more useful features that makes it my #1 recommended alternative. Aside of standard things, like key shortcut customization, it allows you to precisely determine its behaviour after certain action (i.e. print file, immediately open built-in image editor (which is the same editor that GreenShot uses BTW), copy URL to clipboard, shorten URL, etc.). All uploads and actions are conveniently logged and accessible from main window, providing preview and allowing to execute further actions on them, like directly obtaining Imgur removal link, editing file, deleting local copy, etc.
Also, it has probably the longest list of supported upload hosts amongst other tools, and user can create its own entries, making ShareX compatible with virtually any host.