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Comment by mitchtalmadge
about Serva 32/64 · Jun 2017 ·

SERVA works great and I use it frequently. I wrote a guide on how to use it, which you can find here:

Comment by zdaryl
about Serva 32/64 · Jun 2017 ·

I like Serva because it is god damn amazing, thats about it.


I don't often buy software, but when I do...

about Serva 32/64 · · 1 Helpful's because it is amazing.

Start Serva and within the hour you have a fully functional pXe server within a network.
Another DHCP in the LAN ? Tick proxy DHCP, done.
TFTP, FTP, HTTP protocols brain dead easy to configure.
Windows based images require virtually zero configuration.
Linux distros, while not as easy to configure, require extra patching which are provided in the excellent documentation for all major distros.
Boot Hiren as a memdisk raw image, some obscure dos program ? Easy.

Support is also lightning fast to answer and helped me find a solution for an obscure distro that wouldnt pxe boot.

Serva has more stuff too for more advanced users and the free version is feature complete for evaluation or casual pxe booting.

Pros : Serva
Cons : ???


Thanks to Serva

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Serva is a truely comprehensive and flexible solution for PXE boot. It combines all the features and able to boot a variety of OS including Windows and different distributions of Linux. The Srrva is easy to setup, stop and rrstart. In addition, the supporting person is helpful and response is very fast. Hope more and more new users will benefit from using Serva.


Serva 4 Life

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If you've ever been curious about PXE Booting. Serva is your answer. Without question.
There are many uses for Serva besides storing AS MANY DISTROS as YOU'D LIKE TO BOOT FROM. Like, DNS, DHCP, TFTP -- It has a great logging utility which explains your situations in readable leimans terms.

I hope technology will never skip over PXE booting. Because this software will save me for many years to come.
Thanks to the Serva Team!


Serva 32/64

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I have spent days trying to get a working PXE setup for my home network (who wants to mess with flash drives/dvd's all the time) and this is by far the easiest I have seen to get setup and running. I have spent at least the better part of a day messing with others like trying to get it work on centos, other programs for windows, and so on.

I was able to get a network boot-able version of windows up and running with in 15 mins and a Linux distro with in about 30 mins to an hour.

I would say if networking booting for applications like memtest, HirensBootCD, Spinrite, and even your current version of windows is something you could use give the free version a try.

Cant wait to add the rest of my toolbox boot-able distros in like backtrack and others. Most computers can boot from the network now days so this is a no-brainer for me to not to have to spend time messing with a boot-able usb drive and buying dvd's all the time.


The Swiss Army Knife for Deployments

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A little over 1MB in size with no installer and all these features? This is unheard of in today's world of software bloat. Serva is a fantastic tool that allows you to easily integrate installation sources from different providers.

I've used this tool to integrate RedHat media and an MDT share under a single PXE boot menu. The documentation is very thorough and useful. The developers are also very quick to respond to your questions and provide detailed answers.

This tool is a must for any system/network administrator responsible for deploying software.


Easiest way to PXE install just about any OS.

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After looking at multiple solutions / tutorials / how-to's on PXE booting Windows installs, I found Serva.

I have to say I'm impressed with the functionality, everything works as advertised, and PXE booting of Linux installs and ESXi under the same software was a great surprise.

In about an hour, I had a completly functional PXE booted install of just about everything I need. (even FreeDOS for bios upgrades)

Just about the best €30 I spent in a long time.


Magic pixie dust - you want to use this

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A big thank you for sharing Serva and an excellent guide - tasked with upgrading a family computer with PXE as the only option I dreaded the task after having tried this twice before, but Serva and your well written guide was really a joy!

The fact that your software will live side by side to an existing DHCP server makes this thing so easy to use.

I can highly recommend Serva for installing a new OS via PXE!


Easy to use and professional

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This is the easiest and most professional looking piece of software I have seen to install Windows via PXE, Whats more is it runs under Windows so its quick and easy to configure.
With this software and a gigabit network on modest hardware you can install Windows 7 in 5 minutes!
Great for anyone in the IT industry.

I can recomend this program. It is easy to use and deploying windows in a heartbeat.
I can only say : Support this program! and be amazed!