SEO PowerSuite Reviews

A Powerful Beast

Positive Review by Ajay29
about SEO PowerSuite Jan 2017

I've yet to find a professional-grade seo application for desktop that's so complete. It covers everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING.

The software itself can be a little complicated, and takes some time to get used to, but once you get past the initial learning phase, it has the potential to replace a dozen other seo tool in your arsenal.

The site auditor is amazing. Its interface lets you display link structures in a "tree" view. The view is relative to the starting link, and the crawler has a plethora of filters to choose from. In short - it give you a visualization of your link topology. Especially powerful when working with large sites.


Nice interface, user-friendly and powerful tool

Positive Review by BrandonStark
about SEO PowerSuite Jan 2017

A tad complex, but EXCELLENT. Once you get the hang of it, it is a marvelous tool for monitoring your web sites search engine status. I have seen big improvements with our rankings using SEO Powersuite. Goes the grunt work for you and presents results in an easy to follow way. Easy to make improvements because WebSite Auditor tells you exactly what needs improving. First rate tech support. I would recommend anyone with more than a vanity site, who really wants to rank well use these products.


Whole workflow in one place

Positive Review by damiankolen
about SEO PowerSuite Nov 2016

Powerful tools with intuitive interface (once you get familiar with all features a bit). The ability to automate a workflow is just a time-saver! You can automate the project update and rebuilt, client reporting, and get all up-to-date results anytime.
After the SpyGlass update their crawler became much faster, and as there`s an exporting option now - I can finally audit the massive backlink profiles in full. Highly recommend!


Great reports & powerful SEO crawler 1 Helpful

Positive Review by marisahonigmann
about SEO PowerSuite Nov 2016

Their reports are the most customizable i've seen in SEO apps. They just did a massive update of their crawler (WebSite Auditor) and it's better than Screaming Frog. A lot of settings to tweak so it's good for any kind of site (AJAX, WordPress, pure HTML, whatever). The free version is powerful enough if you don't have a large site.


Easy, simple, intuitive and 100% customizable. 2 Helpful

Positive Review by seanlegacy
about SEO PowerSuite Nov 2016

Easy, simple, intuitive and 100% customizable. Built-in white-labelling is great & allows us to deliver customized, in-depth reporting to our SEO clients.

I like that SEO PowerSuite saves me so much time! Once you figure out the basics of the software, you will have already taken giant leaps toward making your job much easier. Our team loves how easy it is to use on the backend and our clients love the reporting. Compared to the price of other similar tools, this is hands down the best decision you can make.

PS: You can download the trial version for free - most features are available (some are not) and you can use the trial version for as long as you want.


I use it and i like it 2 Helpful

Positive Review by Victoria_G
about SEO PowerSuite Nov 2016


I am newbie in SEO, so just getting acquainted with everything.
After a profound research decided to stick to SEO PowerSuite.
Got a trial period for 2 weeks, than bought Pro version...with a little discount..haha)
Support was really helpful to answer tones of my questions and the info on their website was comprehensive.(even though i was a bit lazy to read all of it)
It has sooo many features ( i was a bit frustrated at first..) But than i learned how to use it and now i even see the first results! Hooray!))
If you ask me, i would definitely recommend to give it a good try!



Cool software 1 Helpful

Positive Review by ThBrennan78
about SEO PowerSuite Nov 2016

It is a real "money saver" with the great functionality.
With these tools I can do much work and save my time.
Anti-block feature now allows me do not think a bout the Google ban problem.
Also I can track the local results, (as far as I know, no one offered this yet).


All for SEO in one pack!

Positive Review by van_ivashenko
about SEO PowerSuite Oct 2016

All options are need I can find in SEO PowerSuite: from the rank check to backlinks search. It consists of 4 tools, so you can do all SEO work using them. I like WebSiteAuditor most of all for deep analysis of tech errors and recommendations on how to fix them.


Best support

Positive Review by robertmolnar
about SEO PowerSuite Sep 2016

I had problem with updating KEI. Their support guy told me he will help me through teamviewer. We've done the setups like for 30 mins, and he was patient all the time, and replied for all my questions. Good support and polite behavior. Recommend them!