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Negative Review by Jacobo
about SelfControl -- The Linux port Feb 2014

Just to clear the air, I'm a dumb person. With that said, I should not have this amount of difficulty with an application. Once you start selfcontrol, regardless of time set, it will not stop. I downloaded the app earlier this week, set it for 3 hours. It has far exceeded that time and I can still not go to certain websites. I followed the directions on the apps website to unblock sites..... no success. FUCK YOU SELFCONTROL APP DESIGNERS. Not really fuck you, I'm sure you are great people, it is very nice of you to have such nice intentions to create a free app like this, but you 100% failed.


SelfControl the Linux port

Positive Review by User2976471
about SelfControl -- The Linux port Dec 2012

It's good on my Ubuntu 12.10. It blocks out all distracting web sites. You can decide for how long you want to block those sites and once started, you cannot unblock them, you just have to wait for it to expire. There's a bug regarding the block list (before starting it) because it's so small you can't select one of the entries and delete it (say, you have a duplicate for a website and you want to eliminate one of the entries). However there is a work-around -- in sudo mode, just copy/paste a piece of code in the file under /usr/share/perl5/SelfControl/, instruction are given in their GIThub section (google it, if you're having trouble). It worked for me: I was able to delete one of the entries for!