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RIP Seesmic Web

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Seesmic Web was easily one of the best social aggregators, but it has now been completely eliminated. Besides introducing paid services (which, by itself, would be understandable), Seesmic has eliminated their social aggregation service. Their new product, Seesmic Ping, allows you to post to social media in limited amounts, but you can no longer read others' social content through Seesmic.

Technophobes often dismiss social media as "everyone talking with no one listening." Seesmic has now embraced this criticism and made it their business model.


All in one tool for any marketer

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After twitter took over twitterdeck and somehow limited facebook operating abilities, this is the best app for facebook/twitter/ posting and reading. Recommended.

[Edited by lebaux, July 02]

Well after introducing paid plans I just recommend going for hootsuite. Now it is just a bunch of crap.