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The new Netscape

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It's like an updated Netscape Communicator or Mozilla Suite. It's a great all-in-one browser, e-mail program, HTML editor etc. Unfortunately, it also keeps Netscape's outdated user interface, preferences, and some features. Otherwise, it's a great software suite.


Underrated Browser

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I use Firefox but this is a great program, It is a continuation on the Mozilla Suite which has a browser a mail client and others built in!
Firefox is just a continuation on the browser bit. But if this were way more popular it would be better!

Yes, I agree fully.

It's like Firefox-with-wings! With addons like Lightning for calendaring, FireFTP for FTP, and OverbiteFF for gopher support (amongst other powerful ones); it really is a complete package.

I have tried going back to FireFox/ThunderBird but it's just not the same. I also tried chrome for a while but it's like living your whole life inside a sports-car, I got sick and tired of it and SeaMonkey again was a breath of fresh air. Besides Gecko browsers like SeaMonkey/FireFox are back on a par with chrome in terms of speed.

Chrome is for little boys and girls, and for people who've been taken to the dark-side of the force, and also for idiots.

The Composer application should be updated, it could be much better.

Otherwise; the wise person's choice.

I use Firefox and Thunderbird as said in July.
I love your analogy.