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Scrivener won't save or backup...

Negative Review by jasoncomely
about Scrivener Mar 2016

...and no one on the Literature and Latte technical forum has any answers. A myriad of other unanswered pleas for help there too.

Scrivener has gotten worse lately. Janky software.


Great on Mac OS X, Good on Windows

Positive Review by d20art
about Scrivener Jan 2016

Scrivener is a specialized word processing and file management system for writers. It allows you to develop a new work, or import an existing work, and break it up into manageable parts. While designed primarily for fiction writing, I have also used it on a manual that required little advanced formatting.

I could not find a comparable product on Windows, however it should be said that the Mac OS X version is far more advanced than the Windows version - with features unimplemented on Windows. The Windows version is being actively developed but L&L hasn't really made much of an attempt to 'catch up' the Windows version. Despite this negative, I haven't found a better platform for writing fiction on Windows.

Scrivener does not have sophisticated formatting tools - but it does have some. It has everything you'd expect from a word processor, plus a whole lot more. However a major omission is two column formatting, which is necessary for a lot of publishing.