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Excellent service

Positive Review by webflo
about Scout Mar 2015

I was looking for a hosted monitoring system similar to Nagios/Icinga/Munin because thats what i used in previous projects. This time as SASS because i tried to avoid overhead in this project. I fond a lean solution with Scoutapp. My setup was completed in less than an hour. All Plugins worked as excepted and integrated well in my current system without any additional configuration. The UI is straightforward and it is very easy to keep track of important metrics with a custom dashboard. I talked to the support regarding a feature request and they responded within an hour. All in all Scoutapp exceed my expectations and i am going to implement in other projects.


Our experience with Scoutapp

Positive Review by benbenben
about Scout Nov 2014

We started with munin to monitor and graph our server metrics. But after some
time when you want to add more machines, it gets more complex and munin isn't easy to
setup. Especially when you want to collect the metrics from a remote machine and
using Puppet for configuring your machines. This is why we checked out some
services like and librato but ended up with Scoutapp. We also were
using NewRelic but they have a rather high per-machine-price. With scout we
replaced munin and NewRelic very easily: Scout have a thin agent which you install
on your boxes. They also provide an official puppet module for doing that. One
of the most awesome things in Scout is, that you don't need to put new plugin
code on all your machines, because all plugins will be copied to the machine before
they are run. With this you can administrate and code all the plugins in
your scout account. Besides that, building and combining graphs in different styles
and compile them to complete dashboards is really easy, streamlined and clutter-free.
On top of that Scout has some nice features which are a bit hidden, like alarms,
trend alarms and realtime graphing. I talked a lot to the support, having
a few questions before signing up and they were responsive and friendly.
They also incorporated one of my suggestion real fast. I can totally recommend
the service and we are currently adding more metrics to scout. As far as I know
they are planning some neat features for the future.