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Nice clean UI

Positive Comment by charlesgoodwin
about SciTE and Notepad++, Programmer's Notepad Jan 2016

Notepad++ has become the de facto Notepad replacement, but it's UI is like visual diarrhea. SciTE is a much cleaner, but no less able, alternative and I'm more than happy after making the switch. Also worth checking out is Programmer's Notepad, based on the same underlying editor (Scintilla) as SciTE.


My two cents

Comment by xxavx
about SciTE Mar 2013

SciTE is a text editor I came across when I was a M.Sc. student. Because I had to switch between Windows and Linux all the time (Linux at the university, Windows at home), my editor had to switch seamlessly between Windows & Linux, but still provide with advanced capabilities. Scite did all this. Nowadays I do not need this switching capability (e.g. I use TC’s sFTP plugin, and Cygwin whenever I can), but Scite has proven to be a very complete text editor nevertheless.

The main reason I have used this editor for over 8 years is its simplicity, yet completeness. SciTE does not require installation, it offers a minimalistic/clean interface, and more importantly: it offers most of the features I ever needed over the years: highlight syntax, wrap around, multi line tabbing, replace in many documents, search in many documents, multiple tabs, capitalize, bookmarked finds, and even color configuration. That's pretty much everything you will ever need from a text editor. Additional options can be tweaked via an extensive configuration file: by browsing the configuration file you may discover features you didn't even know they existed (like highlighting all instances of a word, via highlight.current.word=1).

So far, the only two features you may miss are keyboard macroing for repetitive tasks, and advanced regular expressions. There are indeed fancier programs out there (NotePad++ comes to mind), but SciTE would score a 9 in a 10-scale.

Personally, I have built my own configuration file (find a description of the options here), for example enabling Load on Activate, or Highlight Current Word. The rest are mostly cosmetic changes.


Darn solid editor with colour syntax highlighting. I use it ...

Comment by BillBell
about SciTE Jun 2011

Darn solid editor with colour syntax highlighting. I use it for everything that isn't word-processing or publishing. Easily incorporated into simple script development cycle.


When I moved development from Linux to Windows, I found Sci ...

Comment by 10basetom
about SciTE Jun 2011

When I moved development from Linux to Windows, I found SciTE to be the closest match to my favorite editor on Linux, VIM, in terms of power and flexibility. It has a lean GUI (you can say no GUI), leaving the developer to just focus on the development. I have since moved to something lighter (Notepad2) since I do a lot less development these days. Notepad2 actually uses the same open source edit control as SciTE (Scintilla), so there's even a way to enable folding in it if that's your cup of tea.