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Simple program

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- simple, lightweight program
- several languages offered
- crashes occasionally

Scan2PDF does its job: scan files and saves it in a PDF format. I have a very basic portable flatbed scanner, the CanoScan LiDE100. I simply installed the drivers for the scanner, and Scan2PDF does the rest. Portable version also available on the website.

The main advantage that Scan2PDF has over other software programs I have tried is that it's free. (If I had the money to spend, I would use Softi ScanWiz

A word of warning though: Scan2PDF does crash occasionally, so save your PDF scans often. You'll know it's crashed when a pop-up from the program written in German states that there's an error. (Or so I assume that what it says since I can't read German.)

Additional note:
I have also tried ScanToPDF, Softi Scan to PDF and Softi ScanWiz. All these alternatives is available for a free trial period, then it asks you to cough up the money. ...Which I'm not willing to do.

ScanToPDF is essentially identical to Scan2PDF, but without the crash issues, and not free.

Softi Scan to PDF has a nicer interface than Scan2PDF and ScanToPDF. Also allows you to save frequently without creating a new PDF file (very important feature), or replace a PDF file altogether.

Softi ScanWiz is what I like most of all the paid alternatives. Has all the features of Softi Scan to PDF. Also allows you to add additional pages to a PDF file, rearrange PDF pages, and the use of different scan formats.