Rufus Reviews

Good software, horrible dev

Negative Review by drashna
about Rufus 7 days ago

As the title says. The dev "Akeo" will immediately go on attack if you say anything negative about the software, rather than trying to figure out what the issue is, or dispel any misinformation.

Doesn't matter how good the software is, if you're an asshole, it makes the software shit. End of story.

0/10 would not recommend.


Cons: hundreds of Pendrives

Review by redoc_c
about Rufus Jul 2016


Hundreds of Pendrives; 1 per every distro you plan to install. I prefer Serva net install approach instead.


Great with only one negative point 2 Helpful

Positive Review by avert
about Rufus Jun 2016

- Open source!
- Great for creating bootable USB disks.
- GPT/UEFI support is a lifesaver.
- Quick, reliable and effective.

- Hash sum information for installation files are not provided.


rufus properly supports UDF on UFDs

Review by KillAdwareDevelopers
about Rufus Apr 2016

This is the tool to use above all others.


Solid And Reliable

Positive Review by MeganInIT
about Rufus Apr 2016

I've used this tool on various occasions and I've yet to have any major issues.