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rpgboss is the best i can find.

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Hello! i am a big fans of games.and in a few years.I have a quetion.
How games are made? and can I also make one?
Then I discovered there are some engines to make games but...,I am not good at programing.
and the two best game engine (Game Maker and RPG maker) are shareware.
But recently there are some other alternative being developed.
for the game maker,I found Enigma Engine and its looks so similar
and for rpg maker i found many simmilar alternatives and i have compare some of them
and this is some reason i choose RPGboss are:

1.Very cool editor look
2.the best built in ghrapic (the tilesets its look like for vx)
3.unique stats system and maybe its easier
4.already work battle system(but its not perfect yet)
5.many more cool recources at the website asset serfer and a sample game (lost ghost mansion)
6. 3 tile level (the other is only 2)

if you are intrested,check the website and contribute