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Positive Review by ken_belanger
about Rollback Rx and Comodo Time Machine Jan 2017

What started off with Norton GoBack eventually became Ez-Fix (if you're like me and you remember these two, you're older than dirt haha).

RollBack came onto my radar when I heard the developers of these programs were working on a new program. I bought a license in 2010, and I've been using it since.

Works very well with their disk imager, Drive Cloner. I use the two in conjunction and it works very well.

Only real complaint I have is that with some Windows 10 updates I've had to uninstall it first. I've had to do this twice, and while it's not Horizon DataSys' fault, it's still frustrating. So here's hoping they iron this out soon!

Otherwise, perfect program and recommend for backup and testing purposes.


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Positive Review by MeganMcallum
about Rollback Rx and Comodo Time Machine, Deep Freeze Jan 2017

Me and my Dad used to use GoBack, when that stopped being supported we looked for a few alternatives. For a while we used Comodo Time Machine and even Deep Freeze; all great programs but not exactly what I wanted as a GoBack alt. We eventually found RollBack Rx, we both use the freeware version and find it's really nice, simple, and easy to use.


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Positive Review by PuertoVallertaFan01
about Rollback Rx Dec 2016

My wife and I used Comodo Time Machine on our computers for such a long time, but when it came time to upgrade to Windows 10 we found that Comodo Time Machine didn't support the OS, and that overall support had ended a while ago.

I found this program through my online research, and now my wife and I use RollBack Rx Home Edition (the free one) on our machines. I know it doesn't have all the features of the paid version, but for what we're looking for it's great. It's everything I loved about CTM and more.


RollBack Rx vs old Comodo Time Machine comparison

Review by andyroddick0797
about Rollback Rx and Comodo Time Machine Mar 2016

Hey guys,

CTM had a feature to restore previous files from crashed snapshots. I can't find that function on RollBack Rx. Any Ideas?


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Review by TomLawson96
about Rollback Rx Feb 2016

When LV protection is activated, the user has to manually commit any changes they want to keep for the next Windows session. If a program has been installed while LV protection is active, and that program needs a reboot in order for it to work, the user must commit all disk changes before rebooting. If the user simply reboots the system, then the new installation will be completely undone, along with any other changes that may have occurred in the meantime.

It is important to understand that committing changes to the real disk with Light Virtualization apps is a one-way-street. Once changes have been committed in this manner, the only way to go back to a previous disk state will be by restoring a conventional backup, assuming of course that a full backup of the disk has already been performed in advance. Or you can use Instant Recovery/Snapshot software for super-fast recoveries, and that's where Rollback RX comes in to play here today. There aren't many such programs around. Instant Recovery software is a very rare breed of program indeed, and Rollback RX is currently the best developed and most stable amongst them. The greatest benefit of Rollback RX is that it allows users to accumulate changes to the system across several reboots, something that Light Virtualization apps cannot do. With Rollback RX users can create different software setups, which can then be saved as new snapshots at any time. Any of these snapshots can be restored in mere seconds, as and when needed. This enables users to go backwards and forwards in the time-line of their systems, switching between saved snapshots at will.


Rollback RX is a FAIL!

Review by MickeyVee
about Rollback Rx Dec 2015

I found this site (Alternative to...) because I have to DUMP Rollback RX. My snapshots worked great...for a while. Then, something with it gets corrupted and I can only rollback to the very first snapshot which is usually 6 - 10 months old. Then, Windows tries to do a system can't and then restarts the loop. I can create virtual drives, but many of the folders are corrupted too and can't retrieve anything (like I tried all morning to do!)

I have to reinstall all my programs over again. This has happened to me THREE times in the last 2 years! I'm done...and customer support couldn't help me either. BTW, I'm using current version of Free program. The only thing I liked was how quickly it would create a snapshot.


Rollback Rx v10.2 1 Helpful

Review by DamianN
about Rollback Rx Dec 2014

Haven't lost any files ever since I have installed this program. Before, I had to reformat and reinstall Windows due to malware and other viruses entering my system (despite having AV and anti-malware programs installed). Beats any virus or botchy/badly installed programs by recovering your computer on reboot.


Rollback Rx keeps my PC clean 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Robertq9
about Rollback Rx Jan 2013

When installing some new software, Rollback Rx gives me the possibility to roll back, Only have to restart my PC and roll back in seconds ! The advantage is that there are no traces from the new software left. So I can try new software and when I don t want to keep it, I roll back and my PC is not poluted !


Rollback RX Has Saved Me Hours of Time and Money 1 Helpful

Positive Review by iammrjv
about Rollback Rx Jan 2013

I have been using Rollback RX for several years and it has really been an amazing piece of restoration software. It has saved me countless hours of grief and frustration. I have had corrected very severe problems such as bad updates, viruses, malware, BSOD, boot loops and other situations that would normally require me to use a full backup which takes hours to re-install. With Rollback RX, I simply selected a snapshot from the day before my problem existed and within 15 minutes I am back up like nothing ever happened. It's the closest thing to "Magic" that I know of. It's also very easy to use with virtually no learning 70yr old father got a copy of it from my recommendation and didn't have to call me to ask for any help to set it up and restore!


RollBack Rx 1 Helpful

Positive Review by elkbotjar3
about Rollback Rx Jan 2013

This product has given me the ability to effect a fast recovery of files with just a couple of key strokes. I used to rely on GoBack, a great product on its own back on the days. I believe tha Roll Back Rx surpasses it completely. I can recommend it without hesitation.



Rollback RX 1 Helpful

Positive Review by Mr_Max
about Rollback Rx Mar 2012

I started out with Goback several years ago and it served me well. That product is obsolete now and I stumbled upon Rollback RX. Truly an amazing piece of software. A snap shot takes about 10-15 seconds and if you should need to restore, a reboot into Rollback restores your system in the same amount of time.Rollback RX is now my primary restoration choice, with Acronis disk images as a back up. Give the trial a try. You'll be amazed at what it can do. Max

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