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What is Rodent?Rodent is fast, small and powerful file manager for the GNU operating system (but it...

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What is Rodent?

Rodent is fast, small and powerful file manager for the GNU operating system (but it also works in BSD). That's one way to look at it. Another way is to call it a graphic shell (that's probably more accurate).

Rodent wastes no space on menus or function buttons (display real estate is too valuable).
All functionality is available through popup menu or keyboard action.
Popup menu is context sensitive.
Full lpterminal is available from keyboard.
Functionality is extendible via plugin tecnology.
What Rodent is not? More Info »

Rodent is *not* a filemanager for dummies. Emphasis is on ease of use for the advanced user, not the computer illiterate. Rodent is a cross between a command line terminal and an iconview filemanager: the centaur of open source filemanagers.

Why is Rodent easy to use?

Rodent is not only a point and click application, a fully functional console terminal is also an integral part. In other words, you can type any command from the keyboard and Rodent will have a controlling thread ready and active.

Why is Rodent fast?

Rodent is fast because it uses multithread mechanisms to perform operations in parallel processing. This is the fastest way to work with modern multicore processors. If your processor is not multicore, you may not notice this. Readable image previews of text, image and pdf files pop up by mouse movement, greatly reducing the time required to browse through a directory of unknown files.

Why is Rodent small?

Rodent is small because it adds no unnecesary code. Rodent acts as a graphic front end for "rm", "cp", "mv", "ln", "mount", "touch", "libmagic" and your shell of choice. Some of the developers responsible for the widespread and excellent code used by Rodent are:

* Richard M. Stallman
* Torbjörn Granlund
* David MacKenzie
* Jim Meyering
* Mike Parker
* Paul Rubin More Info »

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