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Bought RightNote Pro with Journal - Problem after Problem V4.0.3.0

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I bought RightNote Pro with a life time License for around $140 US. because it incorporated a new Journalling feature ( entry by calendar).
Right note's back engine is SQL Lite - rock solid engine , right ?

At first it worked really well. This version V4.0.3.0 and a few previous revisions to that one then kept having ongoing problems with searches that hang and crash the data base. Copy and pastes from web pages that also hang and crash the data base and so on.

The developer Rael, to be fair has tried hard to rectify each problem as I find them. But really for the kind of money I'm paying I just want to get on with the job of entering saving and searching for notes. I'm not the buggy beta tester thanks. Its exasperating when you enter two notes and crash each time on the third entry and/or search.

It looks like the data base indeed is robust as at least no data is lost. Only lots of time and messing about sending messages and broken data bases to the author to see if he can help fix. In conversations with the author / developer it became obvious the problem was with the filtering of the data to the data base. The thing is getting choked up with incorrect data. For example a common crash message I get on a crashed search is something along the lines of Canvas drawing cannot be done on data. Hey data base what are you doing messing around with canvas drawing - I'm only doing a text search !

Note, I persisted with the crashing and updates for about 3 to 4 months before giving up. So I gave it a solid try.

So , to conclude , I don't know what Kool Aid all these other wonderful reviews are drinking but , Im getting sour notes.

System PC Windows 10, 64 bit all updates installed as of July 2017 No other programs misbehaving.

Back ground - I've been searching for a replacement for Infoselect V 9 ( 2007) that's breaking down. Info select 10 was a disaster , and
Info select 11 even LOOSES data !

I have now worked with V7 of The Journal by RM David and can say that it is ROCK SOLID.
The developer is super responsive. Very happy.

Sorry Right Note , you initially looked like a database to party with.
Problem was all you did was crash the party (and often).

The author is responsive and tries hard but I needed to move on after 4+ months.

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Comment by Lindzus
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Far and away the best note-taking, information-organizing, research-recording, record-keeping, privacy-preserving, communication-enhancing, journal-keeping, ideas-developing and intuition-enhancing software out there.

Comment by javiergil
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Outstanding software. Best of its kind by far. Regularly updated. Friendly support (they do reply to you!).


Rightnote - Exactly what I was looking for in a notesaving program

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I invested several weeks in reviewing the available windows note saving programs. I found Rightnote to be exactly what I was looking for. It was easy to use and has an interface that I find to be perfect for the thousands of pieces of information that I use in my business. I had hundreds of text files with information and I find that Rightnote makes it very easy to put them in a format where I can find them and use them.
Even better, I found a small problem with the program and the author immediately set out to fix them. The support is excellent!
While the program has enough features to keep me busy for several months learning them, I was able to immediately start using it to organize my data. I now keep at least two instances of it open all the time on my computer and we access the files across our LAN.


RightNote: A Most Useful Program

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In the early PC days, I used InfoSelect.It was great, simple but with each new edition, it became more complex. I searched for months for a replacement, tried many of the software alternatives out their at the time, and discovered RightNote. I cannot say enough good things about the program. Easy to use, love the webpage clipping and it is my right hand for my failing or overloaded brain. I am retired so I don't need it for work. But there is not a day that goes by where I don't log into RN and look up something I have saved. The program is so good that it was one program I felt great buying and supporting. My life would certainly be more difficult without it. Thanks to its creator.


Best desktop note-taking and simple to use

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I have tried out several applications for note-taking. I found RightNote (I use standard version) to be the best as a desktop application for organizing notes. RightNote has several features that are useful for note-taking such as capturing notes instantly with a shortcut key and also formatting text in preset formats that can be customized in order to facilitate remembering the content of a note. Another nice feature is that notes are referenced automatically by including the website addresses from which a note was captured. Such a feature allows one to focus on note-taking more than on referencing. There is a lot of room for development and keeping this note-taking program ranking as top league when compared to other note-taking applications.



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RightNote is a remarkably powerful Information Database, particularly in its Professional version - which is well worth the entry cost.

You can get a good sense of the program by starting with the Freeware version, although the mid-range "Standard" version adds significant features that most users will find invaluable.

But for entering and Using large (and Varied!) amounts of information, it is the Professional version that really shines, adding powerful features such as Multi-Notebook search and the ability to Index the contents of attachments and linked notes.

And, during the 2.5 years we've used RightNote, the application has seen constant updates, unlike some other PIM / Information Databases on the market.

RightNote is not, of course, "Perfect": Although there is a very useful "RNUserGuide" (an actual RightNote database that shows off some of the feature set), plus a local Help File, the program has SO MANY features, options, and potential uses that the most Effective usage will require spending some time Learning the program.
Most users should find the Basics easy enough, but - as with any Advanced / Complex tool - not all of the power is immediately apparent.
To that end, RightNote would benefit from a User's Forum, even though these can be problematical to get up & running (at least in terms of getting program owners to USE the Forum!)

And, of course, in this day of Mobile Computing, RightNote would benefit from having a Native Mobile App (Android, naturally!). To be fair, it does not stand alone in this need: to the best of my knowledge, here are NO Powerful Information Databases that offer both Windows and Mobile versions.
(The old PhatNotes program, for Windows + Windows Mobile, remains unchallenged in this regard. But Windows Mobile is no more, and even PhatNote's Windows version did not offer all of the power of RightNote...)

RightNote makes a decent stab at Mobility Use with its EVERNOTE Integration - which IS a rather neat feature, and may prove sufficient for many users. (Have a personal beef with Evernote, centered around Pricing & Local Storage, but it is obviously a Very Popular service.)

The recent addition of the ability to create "Webbooks" from a RightNote database may also be useful, especially for those who find the need for Mobile Data Access greater than Mobile Data Creation.

Still, after 2.5 years of usage, one of the BEST THINGS about RightNote is that it has NEVER LOST ONE BIT OF DATA - that we did not intend to delete. In the past, have often had Data Integrity problems with Information Database / PIM programs (even with the beloved PhatNotes!), but (thus far) RightNote has proved rock solid.
That alone may be worth the price of entry, with all of the fancy features being mere frosting on the cake!

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Amazing Notes Tool

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For notes I need access to on my phone, my tablet and my computer there is Evernote.

For everything else RightNote is the only option. This tool has many features for note taking and outlining that nothing else has. The organization available for notes is unsurpassed and the different types of notes is awesome. plain text, rich text, source code and even, get this and Evernote note that will sync to an evernote folder.

The flexibility allows you to build your note system your way.