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Rhythmbox is an audio player for Linux that plays and organizes digital music. Inspired by Apple's Small iTunes iconiTunes, it is free software that is designed to work well under the Small GNOME iconGNOME Desktop using the GStreamer media framework. Among the many features of Rhythmbox, you will find: Easy to use music browser Searching and sorting Comprehensive audio format support through GStreamer Internet Radio support including last.fm... More info »

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Negative Comment by LauraCardinalis about Rhythmbox May 2012

What a load of crap software! It adds every song you ever play automatically to your library. So, if you only want to play some audio books, but not mingling them with your music collection, you're lost. Apart from that, by default you can't even choose the folder for your library. It just says "multiple folders" and can't be altered unless you deactivate the Ubuntu One music store plugin. Canonical (who develops Ubuntu) should be ashamed to have chosen this piece of turd software as their default player. Try Clementine and you'll have more luck. Hell, even Exaile is better, though it's much simpler.


Rhythmbox crashes when it tries to index huge libraries of audio files (think: 100 GB+). If you must have your library indexed by your player software, try Amarok instead. I prefer audio software that does NOT index the files, that way there is no added logic, no overhead, etc. etc.


The simplicity of this player makes it awesome. Or at least more awesome than iTunes.


The only really good thing bout this player, and i believe this is why it remains as the official Ubuntu player, its the stability. It rarely crashes. The other thing is that it requires very little settings adjustments. It just works. However, as far as GUI and [most other player] features.. is VERY outdated.. or at least it just looks that way, which is a major drawback for new users.. and [relatively] old ones like me. :(


This is by far the WORST media player I've seen on ANY platform. The GNOME project should be embarrassed to have chosen this as their "official" jukebox.