RemoteToPC Reviews


Review by staffordready
about RemoteToPC Feb 2017

This software is good yet I had to switch to eHorus as they got me covered with the many devices I need to set-up with the remote. It would be more efficient to get 1 software solution that would cater different platforms I need to use. I also need a cloud-based system that they also offer.


Great Product

Positive Review by Ax
about RemoteToPC Jan 2017

I switched from LogMeIn Central to RemoteToPC. It has almost everything LogMeIn has plus a few new items. Deployments are much easier and do not require asking the user their username and password (many struggle to find their username). Check the videos on their website. They give a good idea of how it works. The company is very responsive (usually within an hour) to support email questions.


Great monitoring and Remote support tool at fair price

Positive Review by mickleiden
about RemoteToPC Sep 2016

This beautifully designed piece of monitoring software performs well and does the monitoring trick almost the same way as some competitors like LogMein, but for less than a quarter of the price.
Installing the software is a piece of cake! You can group your clients, check the heartbeat of your servers (critical system alerts will appear on your mobile or via mail), can do the necessary checks on harddisk space, CPU and memory and you can connect to the remote PC's / Servers within seconds. File transferring is no problem, remote reboot of PC's is 1 press on the button, and the look and feel of the Command Center is great! We are the first in the Netherlands to use this software and we were amazed by the speed of their support after running into some installation problems. They helped us out, even in the weekend and made a whole new version in order to solve our problems. So the customer support is superb!