Remote Desktop Manager Reviews

Must have

Positive Review by z2i
about Remote Desktop Manager 2 days ago

This app is must have for everyone who has 2+ remote desktop servers.
For me one of the most powerful and time saving features is the possibility of changing VPN when connecting to another server on fly and possibility of adjust every connection from A to Z so it can perfectly fit your workflow.


RDM connects everything with everything!

Review by thomaskasseckert
about Remote Desktop Manager 8 days ago

For my as an Infrastructure Engineer the RDM is the No. 1 tool i permanently use.
To jump form server to server or making some VPN connections upfront and
put always username and password into is making my tiered :)
With RMD its only a klick... perfect!
Best Tool with a hughe connectivity features integrated.


RDP The Best out there ! 1 Helpful

Positive Review by NopexINC
about Remote Desktop Manager 13 days ago

well , as the title says Remote desktop manager is easy to use from any platform Windows mac android linux , if you need a software to manage a bulk of computers with any remote protocol SSH RDP .. RDM is the one you need ! with a fully customization of your work-space it makes life easy for sysadmins !


Replaces nearly every tool and helps workflow

Positive Review by rumpadunk
about Remote Desktop Manager Feb 2017

RDM is now where I centrally manage all access and control of remote systems. The ability to script events before and after connect, perform ping and port testing to connect to the target correctly no matter your networking situation, and plethora of session types (RDP, hyper-v, vmware, browser, etc.) makes it the most valuable tool we use on a daily basis.


RDM is it!

Positive Review by terrymullican
about Remote Desktop Manager Jan 2017

We have used RDM for many years and they just keep crank'n out the features and tools to make the user experience great! We use the Admin tools to provide multiple teams access to different groups of hundreds of servers and pcs!


Essential tool for large estates or multiple sites

Positive Review by philgrayson
about Remote Desktop Manager Jan 2017

RDPMan is an essential tool for large estates, multiple sites or working in teams. No more paper, remembering passwords, keeping separate lists up to date etc. Initially I only use it for RDP but I'm increasingly finding the other options really useful like website, putty and ftp sites.


Best in the market

Positive Review by rickwilleme
about Remote Desktop Manager Nov 2016

This is the only proper tool which allowed me to automate RDC including VPN connection.
Great support team as well!


Lost without Remote Desktop Manager

Positive Review by briankramer
about Remote Desktop Manager Nov 2016

I have been using RDM for 5+ years now. I couldn't imagine doing my job without it!


Enterprise grade Software

Positive Review by rbarbeau
about Remote Desktop Manager Nov 2016

This product simply rocks!

I use this product since a year on a daily basis and I still haven't seen all the features in there, it is so complete!
Sessions and credentials manager is VERY intuitive and simple to use.

Great Product, my score is 5/5


RDM saves us tons of time

Positive Review by cryogenx
about Remote Desktop Manager Aug 2016

We can manage credentials and set permissions on server access as well as have a singular place to manage all our different connections

its freaking great


The only tool you need for remote server access

Positive Review by thomashiggins
about Remote Desktop Manager Aug 2016

I found RDM as a solution to consolidate PuTTY and MS Remote Desktop, but it is so much more. I now use it for those things (managing around 400 different connections), SQL Server Connections, Web accounts (good bye Dashlane), VMware vCenter connections, and even some other applications (such as RVTools). It supports VPN connections as well, though I don't use that feature yet (haven't taken the time to learn to set it up).

All this, and it is free. There is even more in the paid version (well worth it for those who have a lot of connections as I do). Batch Edit and AD connectivity are just two I have regular use for. Other features, such as expanded SQL Server support (Netonly Logon for example) are used semi-regularly as well. Every time I think I hit the limit on what this tool can do to make my connectivity life easier, I find it is almost always just a hidden feature.

The only downside (if you call it that) is that it doesn't support two factor authentication with all common 2FA solutions - yet. It is in the works. Some are already supported (Duo, Yubikey, and a few others) . Unfortunately for me, RSA is not one of them yet. Hardly a deal breaker given everything it does do.


If you remember VisionApp Remote Desktop before ASG bought it RDM is the successor and superior in every way!

Positive Review by ensignfodder
about Remote Desktop Manager Jul 2016

RDM allows you to connect to almost anything you need to manage in anyway you need to manage it. RDP, SSH, ASDM, iLO, DRAC, vCenter, and more. Between the basic install capabilities and the plug-ins (company provided) you can have a single management interface for all your different systems that don't have a single pane for management. Two factor authentication, multiple user management with central server (business or enterprise) options, and other protections against unauthorized access. Integration with third party security stores (Keepass i.e.) or cloud storage.

I have been using it for years and it continues to improve and provide new features.

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System Administration Streamlined

Positive Review by frankmcc
about Remote Desktop Manager Jul 2016

This is a product that I strongly believe in. Rarely does a tool come along that becomes your entire toolbox. In the course of doing my daily work, I have to make hundreds of connections to remote servers, manage those servers, databases, web sites, application servers and developers. RDM gives me a centralized, single pane of glass from which to do all of it. I can store passwords using my favorite password manager, Keepass, write and assign scripts, manage services, and build custom connections to every device, server and workstation I manage.

The best part is that my entire team can use this and we don't have to keep redundant information in multiple places. Now, we can collaborate as a team, updating and sharing tools and connections in a way that makes all more efficient!


I use RDM on a daily basis!

Positive Review by BenL
about Remote Desktop Manager Jul 2016

I've been using Remote Desktop Manager for many years now. I started by using the free version and soon moved to the Enterprise version once I saw all the features I was missing out on!

I use it everyday, throughout my day. I have connections saved for servers I manage on a regular basis, I have all my credentials stored for each of my accounts, I have URLs for internal sites that I use regularly, I have file shares, FTP connections, SSH sessions, the list goes on and on... I currently have about 900 sessions saved in my RDM client.

You won't go wrong using this tool. Ontop of the great tool, is the great support you will receive! They're very receptive to feature requests, they have an online forum where you can post questions and usually get an answer to your question/issue VERY quickly!

If you work in IT, this is the only remote connectivity tool you'll need!