Remote Desktop Connection Reviews

RDP is pretty good

Positive Review by DarkLink
about Remote Desktop Connection Sep 2016

RDP can be configured for multiple, concurrent connections. I use it to connect to Windows and Linux boxes and it's great.
It's a good alt for a small business (or a contractor/freelancer with little money to spare) as it's totally free, with no limits.

It won't do 100% of everything but having a few solutions is quite a good idea anyway, I never rely on just one. Between SSVNC, Putty and RDP I get 99% of my work done.

Add it to your remote desktop toolbox and it will definitely come in handy at some point, especially if you're dumped into a Windows environment (most offices)


Remote Desktop Manager is so much more than a tool for RDP 1 Helpful

Positive Review by bard1
about Remote Desktop Connection Jul 2016

Remote Desktop Manager is so much more than a tool for RDP, it has everything you need to manage remote connections to a wide variety of different systems.
It is an easy way to organise connection in on place and share with your team.
It is easy to search in to find what you need.