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- Protocols supported: RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP, SSH, Telepathy- Maintain a list of remote desktop...

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- Protocols supported: RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP, SSH, Telepathy
- Maintain a list of remote desktop files, organized by groups
- Make quick connections by directly putting in the server name
- Remote desktops with higher resolutions are scrollable/scalable in both window and fullscreen mode
- Viewport fullscreen mode: remote desktop automatically scrolls when the mouse moves over the screen edge.
- Floating toolbar in fullscreen mode, allows you to switch between modes, toggle keyboard grabbing, minimize, etc.
- Tabbed interface, optionally managed by groups More Info »


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Remmina was added by Earendil in Nov 2010 and the lastest update was made in Feb 2016. There is a history of activites on Remmina in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on Remmina or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.
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