RedNotebook Reviews

Red Note Book is a Diary for Linux.

Review by JohnFastman
about RedNotebook Jan 2017

My experiences with trying to get Red Note Book working on Mac have been negative. But on Manjaro it's buttery-smooth. It's a Linux-only thing, then. And the idea is this: you have a calendar, and each entry you make into RNB refers to a specific day. You can write, format your text, add links, etc. It links to rather than embeds files and pictures, although it does show you pictures you've linked to. pdf files are shown just as links (no preview). Additionally, there's a decent search function and you can add tags to entries, if you're that way inclined.

RNB saves things locally, which is a major privacy plus. It means you're in control of your files and can sync them however you want. If, indeed, you want.

I would imagine journal/diary-keepers might be more interested in this than those seeking an out-an-out Evernote replacement, which is where the challenge lies for Linux users.


Brilliant at what it does 2 Helpful

Positive Review by CallumA
about RedNotebook Jul 2013

RedNotebook is a daily diary, or journal. It's not meant to be the end-all, be-all of personal organisation. But what it does, it does remarkably well.

For someone with a very poor memory like myself, remembering not just when I did something, but what I did, is very difficult. With RedNotebook all I have to do is type what I'm looking for in the search field and I can refresh my memory, in the context of a day's events, very quickly.

I have found the program to be stable and efficient; the lack of encryption really isn't an issue: if you store your journal on your own hard drive, someone would have to physically access your computer to see what's inside, and your journal is really the least of your worries if that happens.