Redmine Reviews

One of the Best

by Katanagashi
about Redmine and ChiliProject · Mar 2012 ·

I've worked with Redmine for a few months, and I've got to say that it felt right. Everything I needed to do my work was there, I could find plugins to integrate it with Eclipse and the Gantt chart was a nice adition.

Unfortunatelly as other solutions I've tryed it forces you to remember numbers and other things in order to add links bettween issues, and other stuff. Other negative point I've found is that interface although simple and beautifull lacks a few functionalities that would improve your experiencing.

I found my-self going back and forward to adjust tasks timings, finding out users to assign tasks, etc, etc. an Autocomplete functionality would be welcomed

Since then I've been trying a Redmine Fork named ChiliProject, and would recomend any-one to try them both before commiting to one of them.