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Not what it used to be...

Negative Review by tvgoing1
about Reddit May 2016

Reddit has problems when it first started we all know this but now there are still more problems. It seems nothing is wrong but thats what they want people to think. Under all those happy upvotes there is another dark downvote speaking the truth, you don't get a voice, either follow the popular trend or get downvote to where you are not allowed to comment any longer. The adams have no power or don't care about fixing certain things in reddit, they now only care about the money.

Things you will notice:
- Your comment will not appear because you are new
- Downvotes for hate
- Too many downvotes will make your post delay 24 hours or more.
- Mods who created the thread only have power to remove people or threads, they can't do anything else.
- Hate on anything will give you downvote, no one likes the truth in that site.

I highly don't recommend visiting this site for anything, you won't find anything useful and if you do you'll just find yourself hating on people for no reason.