RecentX Reviews

The best software!

Positive Review by jurtaev1980
about RecentX Oct 2016

I work as a photographer in Moscow, Russia, and in my archive is over 40,000 images! This program is really fast looking for I need pictures. Just super! This is for me an amazing experience!


powerful app for every window user

Review by maitiendat
about RecentX Sep 2016

thats so amazing app for using every day. it helps me to save much time to find files, folders in my work. its simply so helpful
thanks you very much, recentX! one of the best app i've ever had!



Positive Review by richardszpin
about RecentX Aug 2016

A pricey app which replaces a number of alternate apps very effectively. Recentx is your personal "finder" assistant finding files, folders, bookmarks (WEBSITE) and all your copied material amazingly quickly and efficiently. If you consider yourself a power user of computers, RECENTX is a tremendously useful tool to add to your arsenal and well worth the price. Superb app.


Amazingly useful utility

Positive Review by jimbielick
about RecentX Aug 2016

For anyone who multitasks, stores files in various folders on you hard drive, this utility will save much time and aggravation! I can't count the number of times I have used this to resume working on a project that was interrupted for a day or two. Better than a simple search tool since you can look for recent files or folders regardless of name, and search within the results if you think you know part of the name.


Recent X very useful

Positive Review by simonkravis
about RecentX Aug 2016

I use RecentX every day - it provides much better functionality for opening recently accessed files than Windows does


RecentX sets the standard for program launchers and they took it up a notch.

Positive Review by blasteecruisez
about RecentX May 2016

Hands down the best one I've ever used. The trial was installed for only a day and I was convinced that I needed to get the whole program. It's like your whole computer in such a small sidebar.


An alternative that works

Positive Review by rockesci
about RecentX and Ava Find Apr 2016

I totally love this as an alternative to Avafind.


the most handy app i found comparing to others

Positive Review by johnnybeta
about RecentX Mar 2016

well,it's pretty obvious this program is the one i was looking for,fast searching,fast indexing both local and online and most impressive (and the one i specifically wanted) the ability to search with multiple tags (i personally made) for very specific sophisticated searches.


I bought it and I'm a cheapskate

Positive Review by grantspoon
about RecentX Mar 2016

Searching and managing files is a critical aspect of any O/S, I've yet to find one that does it really well, but RecentX is better than most and I'd say better than Windows10 search as well (mostly).


  • RecentX sits nicely on the side of my desktop (pc) and is always available quickly.
  • easy view of most recent file history, decent search and filters for files. Decent view of browser history.
  • when it works it is faster than using windows, especially if i want a list of most recent files, or want to see the entire path of the file.
  • quick filters are customizable for file type
  • helps me find files, folders, recent websites, better than windows 10.


  • has been a bit buggy for me. Have had to reboot 4+ times to get it working correctly over a month period. While creating this comment in fact and comparing it to Win10 recent files, I had to close RecentX and upon reopen lost it's settings again so will have to reboot after writing this. Suspect it has something to do with having many other programs open that are "listening" or "indexing" file history like sync programs and even windows indexing etc. Still, kinda annoying. I wish I could disable some features like clipboard monitoring and program history, perhaps that would fix things performance wise.
  • is not as responsive as I'd like when refreshing view of files (does it automatically), or time to open files when clicked, but is acceptable.

Overall after a month of use I can recommend it, just wish it were a little less buggy and better on performance.

[Edited by grantspoon, March 10]


Great App!

Review by orbaypeken
about RecentX Mar 2016

It searches your whole drives, containing server/network drives, and find anything you want just in seconds! It will be really necessary who use network drives or NAS ( like Wd my cloud etc. )


RecentX - Great Software

Positive Review by astramartin
about RecentX Feb 2016

Indeed this software has been very helpful. Fast and Organized Result.


RecentX review

Positive Review by jcctbam
about RecentX and Listary, Direct Folders, ClipDesk Jan 2016

I have used several programs similar to RecentX but all of them have some drawbacks:

  • DirectFolders:
    Pros: It's free and easy to use and lunch.
    Cons: Does not work in Windows 10
    Does not have Clipboard history

  • Listary:
    Pros: It's free
    Needs a lot of computer resources
    I don't like the interaction with Explorer windows.
    You type a letter in the Folder explorer and Listary is shown
    Does not have Clipbard history

  • ClipDiary
    Pros: Not too many
    Cons: It's not free.
    I hace experienced some problems: sometimes I select one item but the software selects another one
    Does not manage recent folders

After spending a lot of time trying different programs, RecentX is, by no doubt, the best one.



Review by fairoseahamed
about RecentX Nov 2015

its a great software, very easy to access files n folders I frequently use, I am so pleased I found this software, its really helpful for me

Thanks guys for creating such useful software



A wonderful app

Positive Review by subodhchaturved
about RecentX Oct 2015

something like this should have been built in for windows. Microsoft spends billions and yet misses to put in such a utility. Kudos to the developers. this is a wonderful app. now i hardly need to open my explorer to search for files.