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Reality Factory 2

Reality Factory 2 is a next-generation game authoring suite.

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

Reality Factory 2 is a next-generation game authoring suite. It combines a flexible, fully scripted game development environment powered by Python with the Ogre3D engine, and supports all major desktop operating systems.

It supports many popular 3D modelling applications, and .bmp, .jpg, .png, and .tga files for 2D bitmaps.

Scripting frameworks are increasingly becoming a popular time-saver in game development. Reality Factory 2 supports the flexible, object-oriented Python scripting language for everything from menu systems to AI to weapons and beyond. Because of the nature of the language, you can use any of the thousands of scripts freely available online in your Reality Factory 2 project and take advantage of the full spectrum of language features and libraries. More Info »

Reality Factory 2 also features a built-in script console which alerts you to any scripting errors or debug messages automatically, in real-time.
With the onset of such high detail levels in next-generation games, developers have a few options. They can put more resources into their game, they can make their existing team work harder and longer, or they can choose a toolset which saves them time by design.

Reality Factory 2 contains a number of features which increase productivity and speed up the game development process. One example of this is the custom script editor - when an error is encountered in a running script, execution is stopped and the error is underlined in red in the script it occurred in. Moving the mouse over the mistake reveals a full description of the error. More Info »




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