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Readon TV Movie Radio Player

Watch thousands of TV channels, latest movies, listen to thousands of radio channels for FREE!

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    OS supported: * Windows XP 32/64 bit * Windows Vista 32/64 bit * Windows 7 | *Note: You must be at least 18 years old in order to download the software.

Watch thousands of TV channels, latest movies, listen to thousands of radio channels for FREE! Wide selection of choices including music, sports, porn, action, comedy, documentary etc!

Readon TV Movie Radio Player is a revolutionary new software that allows you to watch Live Satellite TV and radio broadcasts directly on your computer. This new technology, called TV/music over IP, requires no additional equipment and gives you access to a brand new world of digital entertainment.

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* Thousands of TV and radio channels from all around the world.
* Watch and download latest movies (even those showing in the cinema now!)
* Live sports (NBA, european soccer, etc).
* A large variety of genres including movies, comedy, news, general TV, kids, music, pop, jazz, classic etc.
* Record online music to MP3 audio files.
* Record TV into various fomats of video files. You are able to view recorded shows on your iPhone and Windows Mobile phone.
* Able to work as a video converter.
* Adult videos search engine plugin(Thousands of videoss).
* Flash games search engine plugin(Thousands of games).
* Music on demand search engine plugin (Millions of MP3)
* Movie search engine plugin.
* User password protected to disable viewing of adult content.
* Includes all SopCast channels.
* Include all ShoutCast channels.
* Include all TVU player channels.
* Google Youtube
* Free to use.
* Auto updatable channel lists.
* Auto shut down.
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