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Comment by blankandco
about Quire and Basecamp · 2 days ago ·

We started using Quire since December 2016. Before that we used to use Basecamp. Quire is great I must say. Super easy to use and features such as tagging, etc make it super simple to use. I would highly recommend Quire for Project Management.


The Quire concept ist brilliant

about Quire and Asana · ·

I have to say I got used to Asana and the overall good workflow. But for a smaller project I was looking for something more intuitive. I scrolled through the result page here and thought give Quire a shot, because ... nice logo :-D
I was blewn away by the simplicity of the platform yet providing all of my needed features. I realized that I didn't use 80% of Asanas functionality and would never got back to it as Quire is very fast as well (searches, adding tasks etc.) and very well engineered (no glitches/bugs, just a smooth experience).
I think Quire can get big once people try it out. The market is quite saturated so the folks have to go a long way but one day it might happen :)


Quire is exactly what we're looking for. Amazing hierarchical list with super friendly UI

about Quire and Smartsheet, Trello, Wunderlist · · 2 Helpful

Crazy but there are more than a hundred of task management tools on the market. Even more crazy we didn't find a right one for our team after trying/using a dozen of them.

With list-based tools, our tasks grew into a unmanageable long list. We kept losing important-but-less-emergent tasks until we searched hard for them. The board-based tools can't manage a lot of tasks well either. It is good for daily or weekly tasks, but many tasks in our project can take long to get done. Smartsheet is good at managing hierarchical list but too complicated to me -- probably because we don't need the resource planning and I'm not a spreadsheet guy.

Quire did a great job for managing the complicated hierarchical task tree with a super friendly UI. I really appreciate the way we can break down a big task into several manageable tasks. It works like a charm when we started rolling out our project, inviting colleagues and breaking down tasks.