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Quickpic: the fallen king of android gallery apps

Negative Review by cbar_tx
about QuickPic Jan 2017

I still use quickpic because I have kept the last version of the app before being bought by Cheetah Mobile, ( http://ad.cmcm.com/?lang=en ) the china based spyware company focused primarily on gathering behavioral, analytical, and statistical data from the users of their suite of apps available in the google play store for the purposes of selling to advertisers...you know, the people who litter our devices with useless banner ads. As if it isn't enough that google does the same. Many people don't mind this but I feel it's important for people to realize the absurd extent of this invasive business they're in. If you've ever taken the time to analyze the background behavior of these apps, you'd know exactly what I mean. Don't use Cheetah Mobile apps.


Best replacement for default Gallery

Positive Review by Jynto
about QuickPic Apr 2012

If you want to replace the flawed Gallery app, this is perfect. It loads fast, it can move files around, and it actually has some settings you can change. It does everything that Gallery does, and more.