Quassel IRC Reviews

Cool project but not stable on OSX

Review by jcrben
about Quassel IRC Jun 2015

I like this project in theory: as an open-source Qt project, it is approachably hackable and cross-platform. But when I went to install it on my OSX Yosemite laptop, it started crashing soon after I did a little configuration; I didn't bother to report a bug given there's already reports of OSX issues. Plus, I had to search and find a bug/feature request to figure out how to access the channel list, so its UI is not terribly intuitive. Judging from Github, it looks like Hexchat has more traction but there are also reports of stability issues.

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Quassel is hands down my favorite IRC client for Windows

Positive Review by Seth
about Quassel IRC Jun 2014

After using Textual on the Mac for a while, when I had to switch back to using Windows for work purposes I was unimpressed with the substandard and outdated IRC gui app offerings until I discovered Quassel.