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QOwnNotes: Your notes (in your cloud) 2 Helpful

Positive Review by metaphil
about QOwnNotes Dec 2016

What started with a cross-platform "sync markdown notes to [owncloud](Small ownCloud iconownCloud)(/[nextcloud](Small Nextcloud iconNextcloud)) server" is developing into a versatile, full-fledged, extensible knowledge management solution, not only for privacy-minded users.
Extremely active, yet friendly and helpful developer/community.


You need a Zim with markdown marking? 2 Helpful

Positive Review by Tenteri
about QOwnNotes Aug 2016

I always liked Zim-Wiki.

But it is disastrously not capable to open and save .md-files.

And here I found QOwnNotes: it turns your directories with markdown-notes into an outliner-analog to Zim-Wiki, only instead of a wiki-marking – a markdown-marking.

It cool!