qBittorrent Reviews

NO ADS!!! 2 Helpful

Positive Review by CpaRta
about qBittorrent Jun 2016

Simple, nice UI, the performance is good, the best for normal & advanced users.


Simple, Powerfull, Cross-Platform and NO Ads 2 Helpful

Positive Review by Black_Cookie
about qBittorrent Mar 2016

I was accustomed to use uTorrent, but now the screen is full of ADS... Hate it... Then I tried out Transmission but it doesn`t have "natively" the shutdown PC option when downloads completes. You can do it using scripts or plug-ins, but I wanted something simpler and easier. Now I'm using qBittorrent which is just PERFECT because it has "natively" the shutdown PC option when downloads completes and the way it handles the Magnet Links is the simplest I've seen. For me, the best option out there. I recommend it.


Best alternative to utorrent 4 Helpful

Positive Review by davidmbusto
about qBittorrent Mar 2016

I used to use utorrent and suffered little in the transition towards qtorrent. I've triend other clients, this is the best, frequently updated, non invasive, free software, alternative that exists.


Does the job, lightweight 2 Helpful

Positive Review by GBeconomist
about qBittorrent and Vuze Sep 2014

And it doesn't have a bunch of adware either. I used to use Vuze when it was Azurius and liked it ... but things changed and Vuze sold out (UX sucks too now).


Awesome 2 Helpful

Positive Review by SpaceOctopus
about qBittorrent Jul 2014

I now use this full-time. It's one of my favorites. It has everything you could want and more. There's only really one or two things missing in my opinion and that's a seed/leech count for the RSS feed items & the ability to force start a seed or leech that doesn't apply to the item count in the queue. It has SO many options & it's powerful, while remaining super light & not a resource hog at all. It's a brilliant piece of software, in my opinion & I absolutely love it. The RSS features are fantastical.


Good open source client 1 Helpful

Positive Review by User9907174
about qBittorrent Aug 2012

I tried this out as an alternative to uTorrent (I have posted a comment on the page about why) and it seems to be doing well. Very low CPU usage, while retaining a simple uTorrent-like GUI as well as all features (PeX, DHT, Magnet, etc) that are present in uTorrent, minus the bloat. Anyone looking for an open source windows torrent client should try this out.


Good alternative to µTorrent but... 2 Helpful

Review by TDL
about qBittorrent and µTorrent Feb 2012

strong points :

  • Almost all µTorrent functions are here
  • Doesn't have any ads or toolbar install (since Bittorrent bought µTorrent, ads appeared)
  • Stable
  • Open Source
  • Dev is open to suggestions
  • Small footprint (max 50mb or ram used)

Downsides :

There's only one negative point for me, qBittorrent is banned on several private trackers, that prevents me from using it as my main client.