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puush for easy image and file hosting, free account is more than enough

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Short version: Puush is awesome, and a free account has enough space that you can store thousands of uploads (~2000 uploads, ~66% full). Unlimited space for 15USD/year.

Full review:
I use puush, and I use it a lot. About 90% of my online friends use puush. Simple, lightweight, and there's a whole lot you can do with a free account. (The 15USD/year membership gives you unlimited storage and increased max file size for a year.) Best of all, there are no ads attached to your uploads. I've seen some alternatives where the image is embedded into a page with tons of promotions. Puush gives a direct link to your file. (Maybe the lack of said promotions is the reason puush seems to be underused, the only way knowledge of puush gets around is if you play osu! or heard it from a friend.)

Features allow you to upload 5 different ways: a manually-selected cropped portion of the screen, individual windows, the whole screen and/or additional monitor displays, locally-saved files, and clipboard data (works like a pastebin for text, can upload clipboard data without "Saving As...", etc.). Links are automatically copied to the clipboard and you can have notifications for successful uploads (at which point Ctrl+V gives you the desired link). This can be disabled in the options. If wanted you can have puush open the link automatically in a browser. Extremely convenient for instant messaging, social networking, gaming screenshots, cropping images, even documenting errors to help troubleshoot issues. Puush can also be disabled/re-enabled with a key command. All key commands are customizable.

The links are about as short as they can get (http://puu.sh/box for example), currently no longer than 5 identifying characters ("http://puu.sh/5char"). Upload speed is pretty good, never takes more than a couple of seconds for a screenshot, but uploading files is a bit slower. Online image/file viewer is simple, allows images to be private to the uploader only (but only from the website), and there's enough space to host dozens of images with a single free account with .jpg compression enabled, and files can be deleted to make space.

A con about puush is the number of bugs that exist. It occasionally hangs while uploading, especially on Mac, and I have encountered rare bugs where the same file is uploaded continuously until you close the program. Closing and reopening puush for small issues is common. Occasionally, puush servers are down, but you can check peppy's puush-devoted twitter and he'll be working at it, giving updates. I've never lost data I have on puush (but there was a close call one time). You can save your screenshots locally to the computer that the upload was made from (doesn't save clipboard data or duplicate uploaded files). Updates come out every so often, mostly bug fixes, sometimes additional features (clipboard uploading came out earlier this year).

Puush allows files to be uploaded to the same account from any number of computers, even at the same time (and so sharing accounts between is possible, if you share passwords, and you don't get kicked from one location for signing in from another). Having puush eliminates the need to upload to image-hosting websites with captcha codes, or paid accounts with severely limited space or bandwidth. I haven't found any suitable rivals to puush in the couple of years since it started. 5000 puushes and counting!


Puush Review

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